10 Obstacles that Prevent you from Achieving your Ideal Body

What in an ideal world, if you could have exactly what you want, would be your fitness goal, body type goal, appearance goal, health status etc etc?

Give yourself some time to think about this….

Perhaps you will not even try and vision your absolute goal, you will probably just settle for a little bit better.

BUT before you settle, try the following:

This is hard but get a pen and paper and write down 10 obstacles that get in the way, these are 10 things that prevent you from already having that ideal results you are looking for.

I will give you some examples in a second but this is where you then decide if your goals are something you are actually willing to commit to, something you are willing to make sacrifices for or are they unrealistic and unachievable based on your lifestyle, actions and decisions.

Eg Anyone who is a long time follower of the page or knows me personally knows the shape I am capable of getting myself in and as a result used to be a cocky so and so about it over the years. At 34 I like the thoughts of being ‘ripped’ ‘shredded’ and having the 6 pack I have buried underneath there somewhere to be visible again but I am going to be honest, its damn hard work being like that, it takes a lot of discipline and serious consistency with training and nutrition and I love sweets and I love a few pints.

Hardly inspirational gym owner speak but you can take it or leave it. For those who do not know me do not worry I am still in good shape just not Instagram ready and at this moment in time I am fine with that. I have said it before, I will happily get in great shape a couple of times a year but not to a sustainable level for me to do 12 months a year.

Anyway again anyone who knows me knows I like to go off on tangents too, so back to the 10 obstacles 😀

Your obstacles may be any of the following:

My Social Life

The way I binge eat at the weekend

My spouse puts me under pressure to eat crap food

My workmates bring sweets and cakes to work and I end up eating them.

You do not exercise enough

You do not train hard enough

You are inconsistent

You give up too easily

You create stories in my head that you cannot commit to the gym because it is everyone else’s fault like my spouse or my kids

You work shift work and I eat at different times of day or night

You do not prepare or think about my food

You eat out too much

You have no support system

You have no clue what you are doing

You emotionally eat

You smoke

You hang around with the wrong people

You get distracted by every article that comes up on every social media and newspaper outlet

You are doing the wrong form of exercise

You blame your trainer because you eat like a fool when in your own home and then lie and tell everyone you eat well

Portion sizes are too big

You order takeaway every week

You eat crackers every day

You still think bread is bad for you and do not know why you are not getting results when you give it up and then end up going and eating more than ever

I could go on here but now that you have some ideas you can go and create your own version of the list.

See can you come up with 10 things that effect your chances of achieving your ideal results.

Then see what the 3 most impactful things are and see are you willing to change them.

Some people instantly decide they are not willing to make any changes and that is perfectly fine, it may be your chance to realise that you are happy and you need to stop chasing something that does not exist or it may be your chance to see that your goals are either unachievable or now armed with some self-awareness it may be your chance to radically change your life but realise that it is going to mean changing a couple of things that have being getting in your way until now.

I would love to see some of your lists guys, I really would and this is the homework I give people once they come in for their Body Composition testing with us because far too many fitness people are quick to hand out the meal plans or the advice on what to eat, you can google what to eat, stick to it and get results but it is no good unless you look at a much bigger picture.

Best of luck with your lists and figuring out your top 2 or 3 biggest hurdles