6 Week Test Drive! Extending our Trial plus bring a Buddy!

At ABC everyone starts their journey with us by doing our Trial.⁣

We want to give you the best chance possible to see if we are the right fit for your long term health & fitness. ⁣

There are lots of genres of fitness & exercise but we look towards best practice.⁣

All of the evidence, research and science support the principles of Strength & Conditioning…⁣

As well as the fact that every top athlete & sports team have Strength & Conditioning Coaches guiding them.⁣

Almost every activity, performance & body composition goal (fat loss, muscle gain etc) benefits from Strength & Resistance training. ⁣

Because the evidence is now so strong, it would actually be negligent to not use this as the foundation of our training.⁣

We understand that many of you may have had poor experiences with gyms in the past.⁣

We have seen, heard & even experienced ourselves growing up as sportspeople⁣

❌ Poor lifting techniques from unqualified trainers⁣

❌ Unmotivated trainers on their phones throughout your time

❌ Aggressive trainers that make you puke every session⁣

❌ Overcrowded gyms using badly maintained kit⁣

❌ People belonging to gyms for years and they don’t even know your name⁣

…the list goes on.

⁣Unfortunately, this often leaves doubts over the industry as a whole. ⁣

This is why we believe we are different to most of what you have experienced before. ⁣

✅ We care,⁣

✅ Our team are exceptionally qualified ⁣

✅ We want to make a genuine difference in your lives. ⁣


We also know as professional coaches we cannot be the best and the cheapest at the same time.

And that fitness is long term, not a quick fix.⁣

Hence why we do a reduced price trial to test drive us and get⁣

✔ a taste of the training and to build a relationship with us coaches⁣

✔ get confident in the gym again⁣

✔ perhaps even achieve some health or fitness goals across the trial⁣

This is your chance to see that we are your Long Term Solution. ⁣

This is normally 30 days for €99 but from now until Christmas we are not only extending this to 6 Weeks but you have the optional bonus of bringing a training buddy too.

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Sound fair?

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