At ABC we are trying to make a real difference in how people feel about & use gyms

At ABC we are trying to make a real difference in how people feel about & use gyms.

Stats show that ONLY about 11% – 16% of Irish adults exercise regularly & consistently.

34% of people don’t exercise

Leaving about 50% of people whose efforts are pretty hit and miss.

The most concerning stat

➡️Less than 6% of people do the min required Strength Training

👉 That’s just 2 x weekly full-body sessions.

That’s just what’s required for bone & muscle health.

In other words, keeping you out of the nursing home!

This needs to change, drastically.

There is no area of life that does not benefit from being strong

From being the most efficient & effective way to burn fat

To be lean, toned, healthy & vibrant looking

To be physically better prepared to help yourself or vulnerable family members

So why are people not doing it?

We feel there are a few reasons:

👉 Lack of awareness about what to do

👉 Fear & intimidation about going into the gym 

👉 Not knowing how to put together a training session, what exercises to do & what weight to lift

And even if you did those things well, 

Most people don’t progress due to 

Changing up the routine way too often thinking…

I’m bored, this is not working…

I need to do something different

But they end up doing something different way too soon and it becomes a vicious circle

Some people have simply had poor past experiences

That alone can be off-putting 

There are just too many benefits and too short of a lifespan for you not to be living it to its fullest.

This is why we want to create a place where people feel comfortable, inspired and safe

Trusting in the knowledge that the programme is designed with your interests at the heart of it

Knowing it will give you great results

Without you ever having to think or worry about what you are going to do in the gym, 

How you are going to do it &

If the equipment is even available when you get there. 

At ABC we design the 

gym layout & 

the programme, 

We deliver & coach you through the sessions

All you do is turn up and give it your best, whatever that might be on the day.