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What Can You Expect from a 30 Day Trial

So what would the realistic outcomes of our 30 Day Trial be? Ok we need to look at this with a rational and sensible thought process as many people purchase fitness services and products for different reasons. If you were to ask 10 of our members what results they have got from ABC Gym you […]

Why training to Lose Weight is a Bad Idea

Why Training to Lose weight is a bad idea Most of us think like this – I need to exercise to lose weight with sole goal being losing the weight. The problem with weight loss is that it is not linear in terms of constant drop in weight. It is more like a zig zag […]

Run to Get Fit OR Get Fit to Run!!!

I am on the fence when it comes to long distance running! Currently I am unable to fully make my mind up on long slow distance running. Both anecdotally and scientifically show pros and cons. So I am going to look at my experiences first. When I was a teenager I loved running and would […]

Does Your Fat Loss Goals Dictate You and Define You?

Fat Loss IS Important! We have our Highest ever rate of Overweight and Obesity in this Country and Yet there is more Fat Loss products and more Fat Loss gyms and services than ever before! This is something I passionately believe in – I am well and truly sick of how fat loss consumes people BUT […]

TRAIN LIKE AN ATHLETE – But Modify to The Individual

When it comes to gym based exercise, we firmly believe in training like an athlete as much as possible, the caveat being that not everyone is ready to train like an athlete. So what should training like an Athlete look like? Well we firmly believe that there are 2 types of athlete: Your sporting athlete […]