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How Did RONALDO Get That Body?

So many athletes have such great bodies and they really can be something to aspire to. In terms of the human body there are so many shapes and sizes and all are equally great. Some people want to be super skinny, others want to be big bodybuilders, for us there is a sweet spot – […]

Let’s Stay Positive

Let’s Stay Positive!! The importance of keeping a positive mind set on your fitness journey. Let’s be honest, some days you wake up and you just feel the whole world is against you and determined to stop you from achieving your goal. You make your way to work and walk past the rolling donut and […]

Is Personal Training for Me?

Should I try personal training? How can it benefit me? Personal training is very much dictated by your own experience and one bad experience with a poor trainer can change your view on it forever. When you strike gold and have a great experience with a great trainer, you’ll think why you didn’t go sooner.  […]

Strength Training for Women!

Last week I wrote a blog post on the importance of warm ups for all types of training, it can be found here. For this week’s blog post I have decided to write on a topic that is quite relevant not only in ABC but also in gyms across the nation… strength training for women! Firstly, […]


Warm Ups The importance of warm ups and why there is no one single warm up that fits all. Noel recently wrote a blog outlining the 4 things that he hates about gyms and trainers right now. (find it here) In that post the first thing he mentioned was warm ups and how there are too […]