Trisha Lewis’ journey and belief of ‘Training like an Athlete’

Recently Trisha spoke on social media about how she referred to herself as an athlete. Similar to the ABC Gym’s ethos – ‘bringing athletic training to the everyday person. Trisha explained how this simple shift in mindset has helped her to up her training commitment and intensity.

Top 10 strategies for Minding your Mind During Covid-19

Anne Marie Kennedy has created a self-care tool consisting of ten different strategies. While it may not be possible to implement all of the strategies into your daily life, implementing one or two that suit you may have a substantial impact for you.

The Importance of Help-Seeking

High Performance and Sport Psychologist Anne Marie Kennedy Anne Marie highlighted the importance of seeking help in our recent wellbeing webinar. Anne Marie brought us through her simple traffic light system which she explained how to use as a guide for assessing how you are coping. The green light is thriving. Everything is fine and […]

Trying to remain Super Motivated without setting yourself up for a Fall

Finding the balance between being super motivated for making great strides in the New Year while also keeping check on expectations so you do not fall foul to disappointment is a massive conundrum for many people. You need to realise there are a number of things at play at this time of year: 1)     Everyone […]

Let’s Stay Positive

Let’s Stay Positive!! The importance of keeping a positive mind set on your fitness journey. Let’s be honest, some days you wake up and you just feel the whole world is against you and determined to stop you from achieving your goal. You make your way to work and walk past the rolling donut and […]

How Badly Do YOU Want to be Successful?

How badly do you want to be successful? Successful in terms of your job, your relationships, your mindset and your body?? So many people set out well intention-ed but are actually afraid of what success looks like!!! They see someone else….and they admire them….or are jealous of them or maybe even say to themselves “that […]