How Fitness & Nutrition Clickbait Headlines Are Confusing the Masses!

There is mass confusion out there right now and there does not need to be – fitness and nutrition can be as complex or as simple as you want it to be. To put this in context, we all ‘fall’ for the answers we want to hear or towards a way of doing things that […]

Which fitness solution will you choose in January?

In Lucan alone we have many different solutions. I am a fairly honest bloke so this will be my honest critique, educating you the reader and showing the pros and cons. To put a bit of context behind this before we start. People do not know what they do not know. You do not know […]

10 Obstacles that Prevent you from Achieving your Ideal Body

What in an ideal world, if you could have exactly what you want, would be your fitness goal, body type goal, appearance goal, health status etc etc? Give yourself some time to think about this…. Perhaps you will not even try and vision your absolute goal, you will probably just settle for a little bit […]

Be the BEST you can be at your current AGE and current Circumstances!!

The end of the summer is coming. Like every summer for the last few years all you were concerned about was looking good for your holidays. You let how you look dictate how you feel but maybe it is twofold. Perhaps how you feel is reflected in how you look? As always you focussed on […]

Does Your Fat Loss Goals Dictate You and Define You?

Fat Loss IS Important! We have our Highest ever rate of Overweight and Obesity in this Country and Yet there is more Fat Loss products and more Fat Loss gyms and services than ever before! This is something I passionately believe in – I am well and truly sick of how fat loss consumes people BUT […]

4 Things I Hate about Gyms and Trainers right now

4 Things I hate about gyms and trainers right now…… Nobody likes a moaner but a rant every now and again is good for the soul, so today I am going to cleanse my soul with a rant about the crap I see going on in gyms right now. As a lecturer to strength and […]

Ask ABC TV #6

The importance of good quality sleep.

Ask ABC TV #3

ABC TV episode number three answers some members questions on hydration and nutrition

Ask ABC TV #4

Ask ABC TV Episode #4 Hi guys this episode can be watched by everyone but some of the topics are based on helping Females with their health and fitness goals. Topic 1: Women and Weights – Common Mistakes and Myths Topic 2: The Weighing Scales – Is it the ultimate guide to measure success? Topic […]

Ask ABC TV #5

In today’s episode we explore the 4 main ingredients we feel are crucial for achieving success with Sports Performance, Fat Loss and Muscle Gain.