6 Week Test Drive! Extending our Trial plus bring a Buddy!

From now until Christmas we are not only extending this to 6 Weeks but you have the optional bonus of bringing a training buddy too

Success Leaves Clues: Importance of Exercise in our Behaviour & Lifestyle Pyramid

Success leaves clues. Those that are successful… In career, relationships, business, family often tend to have the fact they exercise regularly as a commonality between them. The same goes for those who lose weight and keep it off long term. As well as those who are in shape and maintain it for life. They all […]

Toned or Bulky?

Do weights make you ‘toned’ or ‘bulky’? Toning is another word for muscle building or  Maintain existing muscle & reveal it by reducing your body fat. Either way, 👉 ‘tone’ requires muscle. 👉 Lifting weights & becoming stronger is an essential requirement to do this.  👉 A calorie deficit is the No.1 driver of the […]

Our True Thoughts on Appearance


What Do You Expect From A Gym?

What do you expect from your gym? At ABC we focus on such simple things like: ✅ Community  ✔ Simply knowing every single member who walks through our door ✔ Make sure they feel safe, comfortable in their surroundings and maybe even have a bit of fun and enjoy themselves from time to time ✔ […]

At ABC we are trying to make a real difference in how people feel about & use gyms

At ABC we are trying to make a real difference in how people feel about & use gyms. Stats show that ONLY about 11% – 16% of Irish adults exercise regularly & consistently. 34% of people don’t exercise Leaving about 50% of people whose efforts are pretty hit and miss. The most concerning stat❓ ➡️Less […]

“Do You Do Classes?”

“Do you do classes?” “Is it like circuit training?” The answer to both of these questions is YES BUT NOT AS YOU KNOW IT Certainly not in the traditional sense or the normal gym class or Bootcamp experience. Our training sessions or classes are led by a coach but there are a couple of main […]

Seán Kinane of Health Matters on Training Zones and Testing

In this post Sean Kinane discusses the background of his business ‘Health Matters’ along with covering topics such as metabolic and VO2 testing and the importance of heart rate training zones.

Back Pain and More with Tommy Brennan

Renowned physical therapist Tommy Brennan recently joined ABC’s Noel Flynn to discuss exercise, back pain and its link to some of our recent lifestyle changes.  Tommy is a physical therapist and owner of Pain and Performance Clinic. He started out as a primary school teacher and trained as a high-level athlete at the same time. […]