Comfort Zone: Training On Your Own

If you train on your own…⁣ Almost everyone tends to stay in their comfort zone,⁣

And they don’t even realise they’re doing it.⁣

But we all avoid exercises that we find boring, hard or intimidating. Me personally? I find it hard to make myself do a comprehensive warm-up.⁣ I know that opens me up to risking injury.⁣ One of our goals is to get you to a level that you would not accomplish on your own.⁣ Our programme has a unique blend to it:⁣

➡️ Compound exercises like squats, deadlifts, cleans & presses etc⁣

Where you are working as many body parts & muscles as possible at the same time⁣.

➡️ Accessory exercises that build upon & support the compound exercises but tend to be more isolated in terms of body parts and muscles. ⁣

Eg. Chin-ups, Single Arm Row and lateral lunges⁣.

➡️ Injury Prevention & improved posture based exercises to keep your body finely tuned⁣.

This allows you to keep your hips, lower back & shoulders in good physical health⁣. We put a lot of these into the warm-up to prepare you…⁣ We do it in this order so if you’re strapped for time, you can still get the “important” work done first as well as…⁣ In the main session, so that you can ‘really feel’ the right muscles working at the right time. ⁣ Eg doing the Pallof Press – a really good core exercise – alongside the Deadlift so that you know what muscles you need to engage and how you need to breathe during the lift. ⁣

➡️ Athletic Exercises – in our opinion too many people stop being athletic when they stop playing sports,⁣

Potentially in their 20’s with three-quarters of their lives left. ⁣ It’s a real use it or lose it type situation. Therefore, where physically possible, we include exercises that will keep you powerful & moving athletically well into your later years.

➡️ We include Cardio in bouts in our main Small Group PT programme because so few people test themselves in short, powerful expressions of cardio output.

We use Air Bikes, Ski Ergs, Sleds & bodyweight movements that you would not have access to outside of the gym.⁣ We really put a lot of thought into our programmes so that all you have to do is turn up, work hard & reap the rewards.