Does Your Fat Loss Goals Dictate You and Define You?

Fat Loss IS Important! We have our Highest ever rate of Overweight and Obesity in this Country and Yet there is more Fat Loss products and more Fat Loss gyms and services than ever before!

This is something I passionately believe in – I am well and truly sick of how fat loss consumes people BUT it is not your fault – it is everywhere.

In ABC we want you to think differently!

We want you to think about improving your Performance, meaning your thoughts revolve around getting fitter and getting stronger.

In order to improve your performance you start to eat to fuel that performance!

When you train in a Performance Based Training Gym like ours, you soon realise it’s $h1t or get off the Pot!

Personally there is no worse feeling than that feeling of being out of shape!

You feel like crap, literally! So what do you immediately do?

Well when your Fitness levels are measured, when your strength levels are measured and your goals are based on improving the performance of these key targets and you want to get rid of that feeling of feeling like crap, you soon realise if you are not improving thatyou need to work on a couple of key things like your Nutrition and your Recovery!

You soon replace the apple tart with an apple, you replace the bottle of coke with a green tea, you get to bed 30 to 60 minutes earlier because you want to recover and you will need and want the sleep if you are training hard.

So what happens as a result of all this?

Take Sarah one of our members, her score on the rower over 4 minutes has improved by over 200 metres, she had got much fitter, stronger, more energetic

And she has lost over a kilo a month every month since January, she has got slimmer and looks seriously fit and athletic!

Not once did we set weight loss targets with her, WHY, because we have banned weight loss targets from the gym.

On our goal setting board you must write a performance or a habit based target.

Some write down “Make minimum 13 sessions this month” which is very specific and measurable, others write “Achieve My First Chin Up” again very specific and measureable.

Improving day to day habits and lifestyle become what you think about, that feeling of crap becomes a distant memory as you are becoming fitter, stronger, healthier and happier.

Morally I disagree with pushing weight loss! Particularly when I see it among people who are already relatively slim. Ok you may not be 100% happy when you look in the mirror in the privacy of your own home but if weight loss is all you talk about, all you think about and when you are happy you have achieved your target, where do you go from here. You are going to a weight loss gym and your trainer keeps pushing weight loss targets, you can’t lose weight forever and it sickens me how much I see this pushed because of the idealism of being skinny!

If wanting to constantly have your legs, arms and waist measured is what you are after we are probably not for you! (It is something we do for people who want it every now and then but it is not a driving factor). What happens if your measurements are not changing? What then? Does that make you unhappy? Does that make you dismiss the fact that you are fitter and stronger, that you are more energetic and have more energy!

Base your outcomes on Performance, you will feel proud of yourself, and look better in your jeans.


PS: We now offer habit based Nutrition Coaching as an option included in the price of your training or for those who cannot make the gym, Nutrition Coaching can be done for only €50 per month or €500 for the year (both are a 12 Month Course)