How Fitness & Nutrition Clickbait Headlines Are Confusing the Masses!

There is mass confusion out there right now and there does not need to be – fitness and nutrition can be as complex or as simple as you want it to be.

To put this in context, we all ‘fall’ for the answers we want to hear or towards a way of doing things that suits our own bias or beliefs. For me I can decipher a bogus fitness or nutrition claim quiet quickly and mark it in the BS#1t category without too much thought, I will however be swept by great marketing when it comes to business information, I can be an absolute sucker for it, to the point that I will read many articles and blogs, be left confused, not know what direction to take and be left confused and stuck. When you build up so much information and then do not know how to implement it, it causes massive frustration.

The same is happening for many of you when it comes to fitness and nutrition information.

Personally I think we should at least try and keep things simple and can always add to it as you get more educated on fitness and nutrition.

As a business our ethics and core values are critical to us so it is with much frustration that we see so many newspaper articles & blog posts with misleading headlines designed to get people to click and read them.

Let’s just take a few I say this week:

The New York times had a headline saying “Calorie Counting is not the Key to weight loss, new study finds” however the headline was a bit misleading because it was quiet a good article and had some great information, information that would fit with our beliefs and values and essentially the outcome of the article was that people should try and consume as much natural whole foods as possible rich with lean proteins, fruit and veg, switching from processed & high calorie foods like fast foods, cakes, biscuits, confectionary etc etc  – so therefore what is the problem with the headline?

Well the headline would make you think that calories do not matter but in essence the people in the study had such great weight loss because this switch in their diet caused a large reduction in calories for example switching from a pound of doughnuts with ~2000Kcals to a pound of Green Veg with ~150Kcals is quiet a dramatic calorie difference and all of these changes lead them to a calorie surplus which helped them lose weight meaning the calories were probably the most important aspect.

Regarding Fitness headlines I saw one for Boogie Bounce – which is jumping on trampolines and looks like a decent laugh if done with a group of friends for a session or 2. However they made the claim in their headlines that “it was the most effective workout”. In the video promo they briefly shot to a clip of a girl about to deadlift and said “with less strains and pulls’, the Irony being the girl about to deadlift looked in excellent shape, lean and fit while the people bouncing on the trampolines much less lean and fit – so that got me thinking – perhaps that was their way of enticing people. To many girls the strong, lean, fit girl is intimidating, while those jumping around having a bit of craic on a trampoline may be more inviting – it does not mean it is going to live up to expectation of “most effective workout” but it does bring me back to my original point of falling for the answers we want to hear.

So what is the best diet then – it is the one you will enjoy and most likely stick to that gets you the results you want.

What is the best workout – it is the one you will enjoy and most likely stick to that gets you the results you want.

Hardly the answers you want to hear so let’s be a bit clearer – when it comes to those that live the longest, they consume diets rich in mostly natural foods full of fruits and veg and generally live in an energy balance (calories in equal calories out) while living active lives with minimal stress.

To finish there are many roads that lead to Rome and there are many ways of getting yourself to where you want to be in terms of fitness, nutrition, relationships, careers or business – if we were truly honest with ourselves and we had to answer the following:

A)    I have absolutely no clue how to Get Fit (or lose weight or make money or get promotion or whatever goal you want to fit in here)

B)    I know how to get there or how to get the help to get there but for some reason remain stuck and do not do it.

I think the answer would be an overwhelming – B