Let’s Stay Positive

Let’s Stay Positive!!

The importance of keeping a positive mind set on your fitness journey.

Let’s be honest, some days you wake up and you just feel the whole world is against you and determined to stop you from achieving your goal. You make your way to work and walk past the rolling donut and smell the freshly baked donuts and the temptation is slightly stronger than you, we’ve all been there guys. Don’t freak out, eat the donut or just keep walking, both options are perfectly fine.

Trying to stay positive on the worst days

We all know winter is coming (Thanks Game of Thrones), the dark, wet and windy days have already started. When you wake up and go to work, it’s dark and when you come home it’s dark again! All you want to do is eat comfort food and curl up on the couch. Some of the hardest days to go exercise while staying positive. Last year I read one of the most influential books I’ve come across, and no, it’s not ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ although that is a pretty good book too! The book was called ‘Always Compete’ and was written by Pete Carroll. Now, I am a HUGE Seattle Seahawks fan and Pete Carroll is their head coach, that’s how I came across the book, he is known as the most energetic, happiest and most upbeat coaches in the entire NFL despite being the oldest. The book makes you so aware of your own state of mind and how little things can change your perception of a situation.

What’s Next?’

Carroll preaches this phrase at practice, ‘What’s next?’ Basically it means no matter what’s happened, it happened. It’s in the past and it can’t be changed. You should be looking forward to what’s about to come and how you can influence that situation. So you’ve eaten that warm, fresh donut… what will happen next? Will you suddenly gain 10% body fat? No way! So don’t beat yourself up about it. This is something I learnt from Noel, if you slip, just make up for it. Assess yourself over a week, not a day. If you like to pig out and the weekend or during the week to get over that slump just make allowances for it on other days. Keep positive and know you are still doing so much better than when you first started.

Positivity and goals

When it comes to achieving your goals staying patient and positive is the real key! Look for small improvements, especially on those days where you feel it will never come. I often talk to members who are frustrated about their current progress level and I spell it out for them, remind them where they were only a couple months ago and suddenly they walk away delighted with themselves about what they’ve accomplished so far and determined to go on.

Positivity beats negativity… Always!

Now, I’m not saying I jump around the gym and high five every member the room and scream but I so try be positive in the gym. I try to encourage this way of thinking. However, if there is one thing that gets on my nerves it’s the words “I can’t” or “I’m not able” without even trying… more often than not it’s built up in your head that you can’t when actually you CAN! Remember guys, the word can’t is made up of CAN! I’ve had people tell me they can’t do a pull up, they need assistance but with a little pushing they get three in a row and all of a sudden its “Wow!!! I actually did it? I can actually do three, never mind one!” and so what if you try and fail? Get up and try again at least you now know what you need to do next to get closer to that goal!

A coaching friend of mine by the name of Gary Schofield preaches this in the gym he runs at a high school in Atlanta, Georgia. He doesn’t train players, he builds, as he calls it, Monstahs. Straight away he’s creating a fun term for training that his athletes can take ownership of! He also has a bell in his gym that no matter what age, grade or level you’re at, if you get a personal record or lift heavier than you ever have you ring that bell and everyone erupts! I’ve seen videos and it looks like an incredible atmosphere to train in!


So next time you’re about to torture yourself over eating a mars bar square with your coffee while catching up with an old friend, just take a deep breath and remember you can just re-plan your dinner or tomorrow’s lunch to make sure you’re staying on target!

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Rory Fleming,

ABC Gym trainer