Stereotypical Runner

One thing I am gradually learning is not to judge a book by its cover

But when it comes to stereotypes

Runners, joggers, distance athletes etc invariably fall into this category

this is not just based on impressions

this is based on years of experience and evidence

Runners as a category tend to have the following problems, tightness’s and weaknesses

From the ground up:

Poor ankle mobility
Tight calves and soleus
Poor knee stability
Tight hamstrings
Tight quads and IT Bands
Weak glutes
Weak anterior core
Weak lumbar spine 
Tight Thoracic spine


What the hell is all that and how has it happened?

How do most people warm up for their run?

How much strength work, corrective exercises and mobility does the typical runner perform?

Have a think about the impact running has on the joints and muscles but yet most runners do very little to prepare any of those tightness’s or weaknesses mentioned until they have to go to the physio or stop due to knee pain, back pain, IT Band syndrome etc etc.

Make sure to add some basic exercises to your training regime:

Squat – double and single leg
Deadlift – double and single leg
Bridge variations
Core training
Chin ups
Press ups
and Rows
multiple mobility exercises and stretches

and yes the upper body are important for running to have a well balanced programme,

as you can see a lot of the weakness’s were upper body so it is important to correct these too.

So before preparing for a big event make sure to add a good strength and conditioning regime to your training.