We All Know Someone Like This: Giving Up Too Soon

Who do you know that gave up too soon?⁣⁣ We all know someone who was the ‘sporty’ or ‘fit’ one growing up⁣⁣ But ⁣⁣ Are not in the same place now.⁣⁣ When they finished taking part in the sport or activity that they loved⁣⁣ They were a bit lost⁣⁣ They didn’t realise it at first⁣⁣ […]

Calories: The Cause Of, And The Solution To, All of Life’s Problems

“Calories… The cause of… And the solution to… All of life’s problems.” Ok, so we tweaked an old Homer Simpson quote for a bit of jest. But A lot of people are so confused that even the word calorie causes them anxiety. Calories give us ✅ Energy, ✅ Health ✅ Strength. 👉 They fuel our […]

Ask ABC TV #3

ABC TV episode number three answers some members questions on hydration and nutrition