Some of our clients took the time to share their background, experiences and journey thus far with ABC Gym

Congratulations to Clodagh who won the Ladies Captains Prize at Hermitage Golf Club.

Clodagh has made great strides since joining ABC and we are absolutely delighted with her recent success on the golf course…….

But that is not all she has achieved.

Here is what Clodagh had to say:

“Before I joined ABC – I said the craziness of being a secondary school teacher was exercise enough – but I was playing a little golf. I found 18 holes long and arduous and I was often out of breath. Yet, I justified it by saying golf was exercise and thus I was being active.

There is no way i would have been capable of even completing 18 holes in the heat like there was on Sunday, never mind have the fitness and concentration to win the Captains Prize. I could not have done that without the fitness i gained at ABC Gym.

I was cheating myself previously. I know that now.

I live on the same road as the Fleming Family. Over 2 years I watched Molly transform herself – and I admired from afar.

One day playing golf – a hot day – I felt physically unwell and couldn’t complete the round. I didn’t feel this was normal – and thus began my series of health checks. Bottom line – I was diagnosed with hypertension and put on medication for life.

I was deemed overweight, lacking in iron and folic acid and basically my physiology was not as it should be. Step number I was to get fit and lose weight.

On my way home I passed Molly…….

I knew her brother Rory was a trainer in a gym. I knew Molly had obviously benefited from it – but another gym?

I had gone to Crunch Fitness years ago – gave that up – went to SanoVitae – gave that up. Never liked the craziness of it. Lots of machines – lots of beeping – and never felt part of anything.

I did lose weight at times but never sustained it.

I did one on one personal training but never connected – and to be honest I used to dread it – rather than feel any other health benefits.

It never made sense to me that my mental health was suffering for want of better physical health. I felt the two should be hand in glove.

I asked Rory to come over to my house to talk about his work – which I now knew was in a place called ABC gym. Of course he came over and we sat in my kitchen the first week of January 2018– the best week of the year for resolutions I know. But I was now worried about my health. I was going to be 49 next birthday and something had to change in my life. I had to reduce this high blood pressure and keep it down. I know now – Rory represented everything that ABC was to become to me in the next 6 months – interested in me and how I was doing. He stayed for nearly an hour – when I know he probably had 1000 other things he would rather have been doing.

But it was that meeting – in my kitchen – when we discussed what I needed to do – that I felt something change in me. A new determination. I was going to give this a go. I had never ever had that kind of personal intervention before – a genuine caring for my health and wellbeing.

He called it a lifestyle change and he reassured me that I could do it! I wasn’t a ‘member’. I was a ‘friend’ and he wanted to help me. What became even more remarkable was that Enda, Andy, Noel and now Niamh – all feel the same.

So what is it about ABC that is different? It is from the moment you step inside the door. Always from somewhere the trainers will say ‘Hi Clodagh’. It stunned me from the get go how quickly they learned my name and never forgot it. It continues to stun me how all the trainers know how much I am lifting – my difficulties with certain movements – the continuous praise when I do something well. The care is omnipresent.

One example sticks out in my mind. I was training with Rory. Andy was training across the room with another group. I was on the TRX doing chin ups. I managed the required reps and without prompt or without being under his direct care – he called ‘Getting Stronger Clodagh – well done!’ from across the room.

It made me feel so good – and I wanted to do more. That’s what it is about. I want to do well – but not just for me now – but for everybody from the trainers and other members in ABC who have made me feel part of something. I feel you need to be rewarded for such genuine care and dedication.

Enda was concerned one day about my lips turning blue and talked to me about it -gave advice to me about it – and followed it up with me. I have sorted out that problem too – but it was handled with such discretion. It is really going beyond the call of duty.

What would I say to anyone sitting on the fence about joining ABC gym? Jump off that fence. 6 months ago I was overweight with hypertension – poor circulation, shortness of breath and living an unhealthy lifestyle which I justified by saying others were worse than me. I am a full time secondary teacher, Programme Coordinator and mother of two teenage boys.

My days are full – how could I possibly fit in three gym sessions a week? The greatest gift to myself was to find the time. My days are so much better now that I go to these 3 sessions a week. Sure there are some days I feel I don’t have the energy. I battle through and I am all the better for it. My working day has taken a new lease of life. I have more energy in the classroom – tasks are less onerous – I am more alert to what I eat without being obsessive.

In fact the diet element merely fell into place nicely beside the gym. I don’t want to undo what I gained in my sessions. But I still enjoy my food and deny myself very little – but all in moderation now. I can now officially say that I have lost 16lbs since January and my blood pressure has decreased from 150/100 to 119/78 last check. As a result my medication has been reduced from 40mgs a day to 20mgs and it is to be reviewed again in September. While I have no expectation that I will come off medication completely – ABC has me on the right track.

So finally – can I take this opportunity to thank all at ABC for making me feel okay about being out of my comfort zone. It is not easy putting yourself out there. But my small and steady progress is celebrated. I am on a journey. I am still only at the beginning – but I can’t think of a better group of people I want to take this journey with. ABC is my GPS!! And Rory is welcome in my kitchen any time!

Thank you all again – its been a long time since I felt this good. Take a bow ABC.


Clodagh Barrett

I joined ABC gym in Sept 16 having moved home from New Zealand. During this time, I was diagnosed with a fairly rare and complex medical condition that although invisible to others, can really affect my body, in particular my energy levels and response to some movements.

I had recently undergone surgery, was in recovery and was feeling at my lowest both from a physical and mental place. The illness had taken its toll on every part of my life and I was exhausted from not feeling like myself anymore. As a child and teenager, I played lots of sport and as an adult had stayed relatively active but I was determined not to take my health for granted now. I wanted to be strong and gain back energy, enjoyment from being active and get back some confidence.

In my search for a place to train, I suffered through several unsuccessful appointments with bored, vain trainers in cheap gyms in Dublin. Their obvious lack of interest in my condition was so infuriating and the repeated advice to just “sit out” exercises led me to be frustrated and really, really angry. I didn’t want to sit down. I’d had enough of that. I was willing to teach them about my condition and to work collaboratively with them to meet my goals but they couldn’t care less.

Then I rang Noel at ABC. I’ll admit, at this stage my expectations were pretty low. Thank God I made that last try…from the first conversation with Noel, I knew this would be different. The fact I had a medical condition he’d never heard of didn’t faze him one bit. He wanted to learn more about it and how they could work with me safely to achieve my goals. By the end of the call, I’d signed up for the trial.

To say I was nervous before going in would be an understatement. People were lying on the ground after their work out and I was scared. I used to be like them. But at that moment I felt so far away from what I used to be, that I could never see myself returning to be that kind of person again. I honestly almost walked out but then every trainer in the room approached me, introduced themselves and my journey with the lads began.

Over 2 years later and I truly believe joining ABC was a turning point in my life. I’m now way fitter and much, much stronger than I ever was pre-health issues. I have so much energy, my health is under much more control; so much so that my consultant remarks on my improvements and most importantly my mental health has never been better. I have learned how my body moves and that it responds well to strength & conditioning training, better than anything ever before.

The natural results that come from training regularly are far reaching and obvious – body confidence, strength and muscle gain, stress release and I really enjoy all of these. I can’t remember the last time I weighed myself and I now focus on how I feel, how heavy I can lift and my body is changing positively in response. I also love being part of a group of people with similar interests and having fun while training hard.

But for me, my goal when joining ABC gym was to regain control of the body that had let me down and caused me to feel less like myself in so many ways. I’m really proud to say that I’ve achieved that goal and continue to make gains, with practical, measurable progress. For the first time in my life, I can say I really love training!

All of this is down to the incredible support group at ABC gym. The trainers are always so knowledgeable, approachable and professional as well as being great fun to train with. They never had an issue with my condition, they only ever wanted to learn more and incorporate new ways to train me, while keeping me safe and feeling good. The group of people I train with in the gym couldn’t be nicer and provide healthy competition and motivation for me. While we train hard and are focused on our goals, we also have a lot of fun. Everyone supports each other and celebrates wins as a team- regardless if it is your first chin up or your 100th

I genuinely couldn’t recommend ABC gym highly enough for anybody feeling disheartened with the usual gym ‘programs’, not seeing progress, are feeling they need to gain back control of their health (both mental and physical) or who have health issues that set them back- especially strange and unusual ones! The lads are all brilliant at listening and providing alternatives and I can safely say I’ve never once been told to sit out something at ABC!

I’d also like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the ABC trainers for all their incredible help and support from day one and also the wonderful people that I train with in the gym. I look forward to continuing to smash my goals alongside them all in the future 🙂

Amy Collins

Before I joined ABC I would have just been out running to try and keep myself fit.
I also had a membership in a large gym not too far away but found I rarely used the gym. You had to make an appointment to see a trainer to be given a monthly program which consisted of a ten minute run through of a few different exercises. It was grand for a couple of days but got boring and repetitive very quickly. It also didn’t help that if I wasn’t sure if I was doing an exercise the right way, there was rarely anybody around to ask. The membership went unused after the first couple of months.

Joining ABC was a totally different experience. From the first session I had up there the lads have been great.

It’s just little things like changing something if they see you’re struggling or giving pointers to help improve or sometimes just a push if they see you’re slacking off. The difference it has made to my running has been huge. Within the first few months of joining ABC I completed the Dublin marathon and had knocked over twenty minutes off my previous best time.

I feel my overall fitness is much better than it has ever been and that’s down to the work that’s been put in when I’m in the gym. Also with doing shift work my diet would not have been great but the advice on nutrition has also made a big difference. To anybody that is on the fence about joining ABC, what i’d say is that sometimes it can be hard enough to try and be healthier and get fitter but it makes it easier if you’re in a gym with a good atmosphere and staff who are genuinely trying to help you reach your goals which ABC have plenty of.

Will Farrell

Before joining ABC I was playing rugby for the last 30 + years, training 2 nights a week and playing 20 odd games a season and then generally doing very little in the offseason/summer. I gave up playing last May as I had struggled through the last few seasons with recurring Achilles, calf and foot injuries which restricted my ability to train properly, struggled playing matches and had difficulty walking. I have joined a number of gyms over the years but always got bored and left as I had no direction and lost interest quickly.

I really enjoy the small group training as I was used to training in a group environment and its much easier to train with other people and a little healthy competition keeps you motivated and pushes you harder than training on your own. The quality of all the trainers is the key and their attention to detail constantly adapting and motivating you to push yourself and reach your goals and always with a bit of banter. I have benefitted particularly from the excellent nutritional advise and tips.

If you are interested in training hard and getting results in a great atmosphere, once you try ABC and see the positive benefits you will wonder why you hadn’t joined earlier.

Gavin Stokes

Before I had joined ABC I found myself going through the post football stage. I’d always played competitively since a young age and after been told in Jan 2017 to stop due to a knee injury I thought what next for fitness.

Over the years like everyone I bounced from gym to gym looking for that magical programme to get results. For six months before joining I ran with no real goals or motivation but just ticking the boxes to say I’ve done something really.

Typical gyms can leave you frustrated, lack of motivation, no structure with standard programmes thrown at you after a sign up.

Where’s the follow up, the one to one, the craic, the motivation, the progression. Without a training partner, small group and a trainers guidance it’s very hard to stay motivated.

It’s hard to explain what ABC does for you, my wife thinks I’m mad getting up 3/4 days a week at 6:30am to come training but I wouldn’t miss a class. When joining my goal was weight and fat lose. Within 3 months the lads had me down to my goal weight. With the introduction to Inbody i gave myself another goal of dropping my bodyfat while gaining muscle. From over 20% bf to now 15% within a few months i feel as strong as I had when playing. The attention to detail from the lads is unreal, the programme rotates on a regular basis, tips on nutrition, adapting classes and exercises to suit. I feel the small group training really helps to push your limits along with pushing each other and competing against yourself.

A lot of people out there are intimidated by gyms, me being one. ABC has such a different feel around the place, great people, great craic, hard work and great atmosphere. The trainers are top class, always pushing you whatever goal you may have set. I’m nearly 2 years with ABC and I’m only sorry I hadn’t joined a lot sooner. I recently told a pal of mine who’s thinking of joining I’d pay for his month trial because I know once signed up he’ll never look back.

Darren Sargent

I have always enjoyed playing sports and being active. In the last few years I’ve played rugby and Gaelic football. I love the sports but unfortunately that love wasn’t reciprocated and a few serious injuries later I looked elsewhere to remain active. I tried one to one personal training and other gym classes and while I still got some results I fancied a change and more of a challenge. I saw ABC gym coming up time and time again on my social media feed, and knew from the videos it looked like a great place where people train hard but still had fun.

I was content training previously but my level of commitment wasn’t there and I knew before I got stuck in a rut I needed to make a change.

I can’t put into words how much I enjoy ABC gym. From the very first session I can’t get enough of the place.

I was so nervous walking in the door but my nerves were put at ease instantly after meeting the brilliant coaches and other members. My confidence has soared and I can actually see my progression. The coaches are all brilliant and experts in their fields and it’s mainly due to them that I believe so much more in myself and will try my hand at anything they say they think I can do. I never avoid a session anymore and try to get in whatever extra I can. I’ve learned so much that I’m confident to go into any gym and do my own workouts.

I love the atmosphere and the friends i have made. I’ve lived in Lucan my whole life but I’ve come to know more locals since joining ABC and I just love the comradery side of the gym, so much so that my two sisters have now also joined.

My advice to anyone thinking of joining or anyone watching in on the videos is to just do it! It’s a decision you won’t regret. It’s hard work but seeing the progression makes everything worthwhile, and you’ll never leave a session without having a laugh, even if it is at yourself!

Thanks to the team for their belief in me and making me feel so welcome. I’m looking forward to the future and the gains! I absolutely love ABC and wish I joined sooner.

Jenny Casserly

When I was younger I swam competitively and trained most days during the week but when that ended at age 16 I was a bit lost. Between that and school/college my diet and general exercise routine went out the window.

I tried various boot camp classes and gyms with classes which were mainly cardio based and tried to get into a routine. That lasted a few weeks each time but between relying on friends to join me in going to the classes and lack of visible results I stopped.

Of course I tried just going on the treadmill and other machines too but again this didn’t last long. I used to look around the gym and wish I had someone to give me advice or at least something to do that was less boring than running on the treadmill.

Finally I resorted to taking up running, which I actually enjoyed as I set targets for myself and achieved them but again I was not seeing physical changes in my body or clothes sizes and this was ultimately my main goal at the time.

Since joining ABC, 3 years ago, so much has changed. Firstly, and in my opinion most importantly, my goals have changed. I no longer go to the gym only to lose weight. Losing weight has now just become a bonus that I got as a result of going to the gym. The main reasons I now go are to get stronger, try to beat personal bests in the different exercises, socialise, stress relief and (believe it or not) to have a laugh!!! The other members in ABC are fab! You can chat to and have a laugh with anyone. I have made some amazing friends in the ABC. It is a great community and this is something I didn’t have in other gyms I tried.

As a result of enjoying going to train, my daily routine has changed. Going to the gym is just a regular part of my day now. It is automatic. It is as normal as waking up in the morning.

My diet has also changed since I joined. When I joined Noel gave me some tips on portion size and what types of food are nutritious and starting with this I gradually changed my diet. This part took some planing at the start but again it is now part of my routine and I would feel weird not having my lunch prepared before going to work. As time went on I began to learn even more from the rest of the lads.

This brings me to the biggest change that has happened for me since joining ABC. It is probably the one of the main reasons why all the other changes I’ve mentioned have occurred and why they have stuck for me. And that is the staff. They have been patient, knowledgeable, entertaining (for those days when you just want to be in bed!) and encouraging. There’s not a day that goes by in ABC when one of them doesn’t say well done to you. They always see the good things you do – even if that’s that you just made it through the door! They are fantastic coaches. Above anything else, and this is something that I hadn’t had since I my first swimming coach, I trust the lads. I trust that they will be there for advice and will always have my best interests at heart.

To those thinking of joining ABC I would say take a leap of faith and what do you have to lose? You will never know if you like something til you try! I can tell you that, like a lot of other people, I don’t do well with change. I also shy away from anything I feel I might be ‘bad’ at. And for these reasons I was so nervous joining ABC as it was fear of the unknown but it has honestly been the best change I have made in my life in a really long time. In addition to the changes I mentioned above my value of self-worth has been boosted. I am so much happier, socialable and confident now. I really could go on and on about how much I love ABC and how much it has benefitted me but I think one thing that shows just how much I actually enjoy it is the fact that I now look forward to Mondays every Sunday afternoon as I get to go train!!

Molly Fleming

Before I joined ABC gym I was attending about 2 classes a week in a Gym that had very high tempo classes catering for large groups at a time, with blaring music and lots of shouting – counting down moves from ten with an aim to motivate you however I came to realise I didn’t appreciate shouting as a method of motivation but that’s a personal preference I suppose.

I went on regular walks also. However, I suffered quite regularly with back problems which left me out of action for weeks at a time when it flared up.

I had considered getting some sessions with a personal trainer however at about 40 to 50 quid per hour it wasn’t something that immediately appealed as I would prefer to train 3-4 times per week.

I was aware ABC existed and was seeing it more and more often on Facebook. The semi-private small group personal training style training looked interesting so I thought I’d give it a try and see how it went. I availed of a 30 day special offer to get started, optimistic for what it might bring and hopeful that I’d be happy to join at the end of the trial.

I have now been a very regularly attending member for the last 3 years and in terms of my health and wellbeing, strength, body shape and muscle tone I have never been happier.

From the first day I have felt part of an absolutely great bunch of people. The small groups enable you to get to know people really quickly and a friendly face and smile is guaranteed when you walk in the door.

The training is absolutely tailor made to each member. With the back niggle I mentioned previously, the lads will always keep an eye on my movements and will often ask me about it if they think my form is even slightly off and change that days exercise to suit me just as a precaution. I’ve gotten so much stronger around my core since training there that thankfully it’s not an issue I even have to think about these days.
I never dread and workout and when I consider that I’m out of bed 3 mornings a week at 6am to get to the 7am class, it definitely has something special to offer.

Another thing I love about it is that you’re never doing any one exercise for too long. There are always such a great mix of moves, all well thought out to target various muscle groups and parts of the body.  I used to hate that in other places where you could be jumping around doing the same boring moves until absolutely fatigued and often felt it was down to trainers not being bothered to make a workout interesting and varied.

One point absolutely worth noting is that all the lads working in ABC are highly qualified in strength and conditioning and not just a box ticking certificate! They have degrees in this so know exactly what they are talking about.

There is no doubt it’s not cheap but neither is long term health care or physio etc. I believe very strongly that you get what you pay for and here you are getting a bespoke service. Personally I prioritise my health and well being very highly and am very happy to invest in this and feel it’s so worthwhile. I managed to convince a friend to join 2 years ago for 30 days. She didn’t expect to go for any longer as it’s location wasn’t perfect for her as she lived in town. She was hooked after a fortnight and we go together ever since.

If you’re on the fence about joining.. give it even a months chance. If you give it your all in terms of attending regularly you couldn’t be disappointed with the benefits you will get from it, while everyone works hard in a session there is always time for a bit of banter which adds to it even more.

I am delighted that ABC Gym has now opened in Clane where I live.

Michelle Regan

I had not been doing anything consistent sports wise prior to joining ABC. I did have a medical issue over the prior 2 years that required physio and medical intervention. Personally, I was of the view that the offering at ABC was too advanced for someone like myself.

I had joined two gym programmes prior to ABC – one personal fitness (6 months) and another that was primarily focused on cardio type workouts (9 months). While I did benefit from both, I didn’t really feel any main long term benefits from either.

The Small Group Personal Training approach at ABC is particularly suited to my needs. Highly trained trainers with a varied gym user base (all different levels and abilities) at workouts makes the gym a great place to work out. All I need do is select a session that suits on the gym app, turn up- and the magic happens! We start off with a supervised warm up routine and then take the various S&C work outs that are specially selected to work on key areas of our bodies. A key element of fitness at ABC is the focus on core strength. I personally have benefitted from this. I use the MyZone heart rate monitor and this helps track my performance at the sessions. My family and friends from far and wide have commented on my improved fitness and are all seeking ABC in their localities.

I currently take 3 sessions a week at the gym and have achieved amazing results in all the strength and conditioning challenges we are given. It’s always a joy to turn up at sessions, in the knowledge that the trainers and my gym buddies are all friends and so encouraging- even at the 6am classes. I now have the confidence to take other sports and am already well on my way to achieving a coveted ’50 Parkrun’ tshirt- having never tried running previously. I have not attended my GP in a long time and when he heard about my progress he was particularly impressed. Think he’ll be joining next…

Brian O’Gorman

I’m in my early forties and have always tried to stay fit in the past, running three to four times a week and going to the gym, but with a young family and very little free time I found my fitness took a back seat and before I knew it a couple of years had passed and I was out of shape and carrying weight. I knew I had to stop the rot, but didn’t have the discipline or resolve to simply take up running again. So after a search online I decided to give ABC Gym a try, it turned out to be the best decision I could have made, after three months I’d dropped all the weight and found myself in the best shape I’ve been in since my early twenties.

I can’t recommend the ABC Gym highly enough for anyone trying to get into shape. The classes are small, usual between five to ten people and there are generally two trainers working with 3 to 5 members each. The trainers are really professional, well educated and motivated. The hour classes are really intense with no repetition, every class focussing on a different part of the body and there’s no avoiding exercises you don’t like; you’re constantly encouraged to push yourself and improve your technique. When you leave the gym after every session you’ll have done an intense and comprehensive workout unlike anything you’d do at a standard gym.

Unlike a standard gym if you sign up to ABC Gym you will attend, for a number of good reasons, firstly you have to book classes that fill up fast, so if you don’t go you not only have the guilt of not attending, but you also have the guilt of knowing you deprived another member of a place in that class. Secondly the classes are so good you’ll want to attend because you get such good results. Thirdly the trainers will very nicely encourage you to not slack off classes. Finally, the gym regularly changes the programme, adds in challenges and ‘Test Week’ every six weeks or so, to ensure that all members are improving in all areas, it allows the trainers to target your weaker areas based on these results.

The gym itself is really well equipped, clean, meticulously maintained with improvements being made on an almost continual basis.

If you want to get into shape and stay motivated ABC Gym is the perfect option, you’ll start seeing results after three or four weeks and then you won’t want to stop.

Declan Finn

Before joining ABC I had tried many different ‘health and fitness’ programs, weightwatchers, something called curves which some people will be too young to remember, that diet where you restrict yourself to 500 calories most days, the big commercial gym, spin classes (the assault bike makes me miss those), aerobic classes, aqua aerobics. You name it, I’d done it.

All of the above did have an effect on my weight, none ever helped with changing my body shape though, and the weight never stayed off for long, I was constantly frustrated and annoyed, trying to find the next fix, upset when I looked in the mirror. Then I got pregnant back in 2013 and that was my excuse to stop caring. I put on quite a bit of weight.

So what’s changed since joining ABC? Everything! I do not obsess over the number on the scales, I understand my diet so much more, I don’t feel guilty if I eat a slice of cheese or enjoy an ice cream in the park with my little boy. I remember reading and watching about this gym that was opening and going home to my hubby and saying that I want to give it a go, cos I think I’ve finally found a gym where they know what they’re talking about and a found a gym that’s gonna work and it did!

I’d never lifted weights before joining abc, I’d used weight machines in gyms, I’d hurt myself doing so, I was clueless and had no guidance. So having someone watching me and guiding me and making sure I didn’t hurt myself was a big change, within a few weeks of ABC opening I was seeing big changes, the baby weight was going, my body shape was changing and for the first time ever I felt like an athlete.

If you’re sitting on the fence, jump down and join us! I’ve been with ABC since day 1, I’ve seen the changes and progress over the years. The lads are always striving to improve themselves and deliver the best for us. I’ve made friends there, I feel part of a team, I’m more confident now in my late 30’s then I’ve ever been. If you’re nervous about walking in the door, don’t be, someone will always say hi, give you some advice, motivate you to keep going, and if you go in there some days, not feeling the best or lacking energy, the lads won’t scream at you like a drill sergeant, they understand people have off days and just encourage you to do what you can and get something out of being there. Truly love the place, reckon I’m a lifer!!!

Seriously thank you for opening ABC!!

Emer O’Farrell

I played hurling, football and basketball in my youth but broke my ankle badly when I was 17 which seriously affected how I could play so gave up playing. I went back playing basketball about 12 years later which was great while it lasted but I tore my Achilles to the brink of snapping it about 5-6 years ago and that was the end of that. I joined Ben Dunne Gym for 2 years, went on and off for about 15 months but with no real commitment to it. I play golf regularly but struggled during and after with my back over the last 12 months or so.
When I was in Ben Dunne it was very much do your own thing, I really had no idea about what I should be doing, how often I should be doing it, what weights I should be lifting etc. There was also no one to push or encourage you. I suppose you get what you pay for.

I mentioned to a friend of mine that I see him checking into ABC on Facebook regularly and casually enquired about it. He sent me a text a few days later asking me would I meet him up there the following evening for a session, after a few hours thinking about it I said ok. Noel rang me before I went up and asked me what was I looking to get out of the gym, I said I want to get healthy and secondly I need to lose weight, his reply was we can definitely help you with that.

It’s hard to put in to words how to describe ABC Gym, I never thought I would enjoy or look forward to going to the gym so much, or that I would be going at least 4 times a week. I was very apprehensive at joining as I didn’t think I would be able for it, I passed the gym regularly for years bringing the kids to training and had it in my head that it was some type of gym for elite athletes. After my very first session I realised that this was very different to a conventional gym and my preconceived perceptions couldn’t be further from the truth.

The atmosphere is very relaxed and easy going yet the sessions are always run very professionally, the small numbers in each session makes it very easy to get to know each other and the encouragement you get from fellow members is very helpful. I find the classes extremely enjoyable and the variation in each session is great.

However, the biggest difference in the Gym by a mile for me is the staff. The knowledge, professionalism and friendliness of each trainer is incredible. I had problems with my back before I joined, I strained it one evening during a workout, Rory was on the case straight away, he gave me some very simple exercises just to keep moving and he modified the rest of the class so I could complete it. I was amazed that I was able to move so freely the following day and was able to go to the gym that evening and again do a modified session to ease me back into it. This continued for the next 10 days or so with all the trainers keeping a close eye on me (and my back). I also developed a problem with my knee a few weeks ago, this time Enda was on the case, he gave me a few simple exercises to try and strengthen it, again with the help of modified sessions I was able to still go to the gym most evenings, with the help of the gym and some physio my knee is a lot better.

For anyone thinking of joining ABC I would encourage you to go for it. I have struggled with my weight most of my life, I did diets every now and again, walked, tried gyms etc. but never kept the weight off. In my first 12 weeks in ABC, I felt a lot better, I haven’t had any back problems and I lost 9.5kg in weight, 2 years later I am a different person completely.

ABC has made me realize after years of struggling I can’t do it on my own and there is no quick fix to getting healthy and losing weight, but with their professional help and realistic approach I am on the right track. The My Zone heart monitor and body analysis machine is also very useful for keeping track of my progress. I still have a long way to go but I am confident that joining ABC is going to get me to where I want to be, and stay there.

Damien Brennan

Before I joined ABC  in Aug 2017 I had been doing very little for myself, health and fitness wise. In 2015 I had taken on the role of fostering 2 young boys, along with my own 2 girls.  So life was hectic.  It was extremely stressful.  The boys need’s exceeded my limitations, therefore My own health and fitness had deteriorated.

My needs came last.

Stress took over and I was extremely exhausted both mentally and physically even to get out for a walk with the dog.  I had to make changes, before it got worse.  I needed to take control back of my health, physical and mental.  I had watched members going in and out for ages, while I was bringing my girls training in Lucan GAA and what struck me was the happy faces of people leaving the gym.  I was confused. But after a few weeks I had that happy face leaving and I am now here 2 years. Its what ABC does for you; you leave on a high feeling ready to take on anything.

Having tried a similar set up to ABC a few years ago,  nothing compares to the set up in ABC.  You are monitored at all times. (I’m always caught talking) But the small groups allow the amazing staff to teach you how to do things right, and avoid injury.  In the other establishment I was often left unsupervised and not doing the task right leaving me open to injury, which is what pissed me off.  No chance of that happening at ABC because the staff are just outstanding and never put you in that situation.

Since joining ABC my health has improved immensely.  I no longer walk like bambi when I leave!!!!! On a serious note, ABC have unleashed the hidden competitor in me.  My whole attitude to fitness has changed.  There are places where exercising is boring and repetitive, but in ABC you are supported and encouraged and PUSHED to your full potential.  I for one need that push.  I have participated in events I thought were beyond my capabilities, The ABC Games, and Run A Muck, (Marathon Sessions in Public Houses).  My coping strategies have changed, I leave ABC feeling recharged and mentally ready to take on what’s thrown at me.  And chase the kids!!!!

This would not be achievable in any other Gym as far as I’m concerned.

The Staff are the main reason for me achieving such goals.  They are the most supportive and professional people I have encountered.  Plus, the amazing members I have met too.  Without their support and friendliness, I wouldn’t have come back.   I’m a believer that “Like attracts Like” Everyone in ABC are from different backgrounds, but everyone is there because they want the same goals.

To anyone sitting on the fence.  My advice is to jump it.  Feet first.  You won’t regret a single minute.  Everyone smiles, no one bites.  So do the trial and see for yourself.

Rachel (Rachyroo)

Rachel Clyne

After my short experience in ABC I am absolutely delighted with the results so far, I haven’t been as fit and at this weight since my 20’s and that all down to staff in ABC. 

Before I joined ABC I generally doing nothing fitness wise apart from playing masters football for Lucan Sarsfields once a week and the occasional jog/walk. I was previously a member of different gyms but never attended more than 3/4 times. 

The thing I found most frustrating in the other gyms was the lack of direction and trying to get into packed out classes which didn’t help with my personal motivation. 

The difference with ABC and the others is quite simple really, I paid for my trial month on the app, organized an induction session and after just one session of the Trial month my mind was made up. The professionalism the staff show towards your clients and getting directed on even the smallest detail is second to none.

The booking method is also fantastic along with the class sizes being capped to a small amount of people really benefits. I also enjoy the social media updates and seeing how others are getting on.

For anyone thinking of joining I would say Get off the fence and give it a go, as i mentioned already the overall professionalism of the gym is second to none and the staff really know what they’re talking about.

Thanks guys I am currently on holidays the last few days and thanks to all the staff for my semi beach body, I will obviously be back to finish it off.

Adam McManus