Toned or Bulky?

Do weights make you ‘toned’ or ‘bulky’?

Toning is another word for muscle building


Maintain existing muscle & reveal it by reducing your body fat.

Either way,

👉 ‘tone’ requires muscle.

👉 Lifting weights & becoming stronger is an essential requirement to do this. 

👉 A calorie deficit is the No.1 driver of the fat loss needed to reveal your muscle & create a ‘toned’ physique.

Bulking on the other hand tends to be based fully on increasing muscle 

A) without necessarily losing any fat 


B) Possibly while also increasing fat. 

In order for that to be possible, you need to be eating at, 

at least a calorie maintenance 

or calorie surplus level. 

That means you’re giving your body all the energy it needs to build muscle, or even a bit more.

👉 To be clear: eating enough food.

So it depends on what your goal is…

Those who say

‘Weights made me bulky’

with a negative connotation

ie. they wanted the toned look but didn’t get it

Were either not eating in a caloric deficit 

Or given that your body is physically changing shape, 

Got scared

Sometimes people are so used to the bodies they have lived in for so long

That even if they hated what they were looking at…

Change can be a greater fear

Your arm feeling solid rather than soft can be scary to some

It is not what they are used to

Be realistic about it

We use Dumbbells not Magic Wands

Sometimes people are concerned about gaining muscle


None of this happens overnight.

It takes a lot of hard work & dedication. 

Weight loss & fat loss on the other hand is something that can be done through diet alone or through absolutely any type of exercise 

However if you are looking to change shape & achieve a lean, toned, athletic-looking physique,

👉You must do strength training.

We coach health-seeking adults to achieve fit, strong, lean, athletic bodies 

Meaning we do all the guesswork.

Guiding you to where you want to get to

We take care of absolutely EVERYTHING for you.

We’ll even help you make fit the nutrition side of things into your life.

All you have to do is ask.