What do results mean to you?

What do results mean to you?

Not everyone wants a complete body transformation


Most gyms tell us this is what she should want 

Or strive for

While we acknowledge, appreciate and respect that sort of transformation


It is something that many of our members have achieved over the years…

Take Leila in our Lucan gym, she has lost 20kg+ in the last year or so

And she looks absolutely amazing

But when she talks about ABC Gym…

She talks about how

she feels

she has become fitter, stronger & healthier

she has met great friends like Emily

it is her space

it is her hour in the day

➡️ The weight loss is almost like this side benefit that just so happened to happen as well. 

For Leila and many others, the result can be achieving consistency.

Some people just like that they now exercise 3 times a week, 


For the first time in a long time…

In the knowledge that that alone improves so much in your life

👉From stress reduction

👉To headspace

👉Time away from the laptop, phone or kids

👉But their heart health is also improving

👉Their bone & muscle function is improving

👉Their mood is improving

And sometimes it’s just pretty cool to turn 35 or 40 or 50 or 55 or whatever….

And know deep down that you are doing stuff as well as….or probably even better than you did 10 years ago…

🎁 What a gift to your future self

To be able, at say now 35 years old, that your 45 or 50-year-old self will be at least in the same shape or better than you are now…

That you are as functionally strong….or stronger than you are now

That you are as fit….or fitter

And most importantly

That you are as healthy…..or healthier despite the ageing process. 

Now that’s a result that not too many body transformation photos can provide you with. 

And that is the culture we are creating at ABC. 

Simplicity + Consistency = Success