Why training to Lose Weight is a Bad Idea

Why Training to Lose weight is a bad idea

Most of us think like this – I need to exercise to lose weight with sole goal being losing the weight.

The problem with weight loss is that it is not linear in terms of constant drop in weight. It is more like a zig zag as in you could lose 2lb a week for a number of weeks in a row and then weigh yourself and be gone up 2 lbs.

This can happen even when you are training well and eating well.

It could be any number of reasons from water retention to toilet regularity to sleep cycle and for women, the time of the month has massive effects. This can really annoy and frustrate you, but it is all you think about and can lead people to give up.

In ABC Gym here in Lucan Sarsfields GAA we see over 100 people per week and we rarely mention weight loss to them.

Many will join for weight loss but we train with a performance culture in mind.

You train to get fitter, stronger and more mobile.

The benefits of our approach are numerous from toning up, getting slimmer, having more energy but again we rarely discuss these things.

It does not matter if you are an athlete or a fat loss client, you will be trained fairly similar here in ABC Gym.

Some people would argue with me but every human Body needs to be able to Squat, Lunge, Hinge at the Hips, and vertically and horizontally push and pull for the upper body so that every muscle in the body is hit from every angle, while helping the posture and muscular balance of the body.

We adjust the sets and reps to the individual, we adjust the exercise to the individual but getting strong is the foundation to fat loss and athletic performance.

Our Performance Culture approach is working so well we see people from Lucan, Leixlip, Clondalkin, Citywest, Newcastle, Maynooth as far as Newbridge, Clane, Roberstown and Clonee travelling to the gym on a weekly basis.

So train with an athletes mindset of constant improvement, constant measurement of progression, this can be as simple of going from doing a TRX Row to a Chin Up over time or to completing your first proper press ups or improving your times on the bike etc.

Guess what happens to those who are doing this? They are seeing their arms and legs tone, their health and fitness improve and their energy increase. If these things are not happening it is generally lifestyle choices that are holding you back but we are here to help you with those too.

The biggest achievement for us though is the benefits that cannot be measured like confidence, happiness, sense of achievement etc