Calorie Deficit

Is there a link between your bank account and fat loss? ⁣

If, on average over time, you consume less calories than you expend you will lose weight or fat. ⁣

👉This is called a Calorie Deficit ⁣

👉It’s like an overdraft on a bank account. ⁣

When more money is being spent than incoming,⁣

Your bank account will eventually go into an overdraft, ⁣⬇️

Meaning you are in debt to the bank. ⁣

However when it comes to your body, ⁣

An overdraft in the form of a calorie deficit results in weight loss or fat loss. ⁣

This can be achieved through a combination of exercise and nutrition.⁣

Exercise is very good for strength, fitness, mobility and somewhat towards fat loss⁣

But it needs some assistance…⁣

This comes in the form of nutrition and lifestyle. ⁣

At ABC we recommend a realistic, sustainable calorie deficit for fat loss aided by:⁣

✔ Strength Training

✔ Increased Protein Intake⁣

✔ Increased Fruit and Veg intake⁣

✔ Improve Sleep Quality and duration ⁣

✔ Increased Water Intake⁣

✔ Reduced Stress ⁣

✔ Walking / Daily Movement

Essentially all resulting in a situation that allows, ⁣

on average over time ⁣

for fewer calories consumption than calorie expenditure ⁣

Resulting in a lean, toned, athletic-looking body.

Fat loss is simple but not easy…

Simple in that it’s a very straightforward formula

But made harder by the fact that diets rarely come down to the food itself,

Rather the person consuming the food…

And please don’t take that as genetics, hormones or metabolism…

By the person we mean

➡️ your Habits,

➡️ Behaviour,

➡️ Environment,

➡️ Discipline or lack of,

➡️ Relationship with food

All of which can affect your ability to be consistent with your nutrition over your lifetime…

As Nutrition is a lifetime thing

Not a weekly weigh-in class for a few months.