Success Leaves Clues: Importance of Exercise in our Behaviour & Lifestyle Pyramid

Success leaves clues.

Those that are successful…

In career, relationships, business, family often tend to have the fact they exercise regularly as a commonality between them.

The same goes for those who lose weight and keep it off long term.

As well as those who are in shape and maintain it for life.

They all exercise regularly as part of their routine.

It is part of who they are.

It is part of their DNA.

At ABC we exercise for Health & Performance NOT specifically for weight loss or fat loss.

However when you train to become

✅ Stronger

✅ Fitter

✅ More Mobile

And you turn your attention to

👉 lifting heavier over time

👉 improving your speed, effort or duration at cardio exercise

👉 Improve your flexibility

👉 and become a well rounded Athletic Human Being

Guess what?

Fat loss or prevention of weight gain tend to happen by default…

…without it consuming you like it does so many people…

…who live by what the scales tells them in the morning or how their weigh in class goes on a Monday evening.

This just isn’t us.

If weight/fat loss is your only outcome then any exercise will do.

If becoming




✔athletic looking and performing for life…

…is the outcome?

This is what we focus on in our training programmes

Either way success leaves clues

And the research shows that those who achieve weight loss and maintain it for life, exercise regularly as part of their routine.

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