We All Know Someone Like This: Giving Up Too Soon

Who do you know that gave up too soon?⁣⁣

We all know someone who was the ‘sporty’ or ‘fit’ one growing up⁣⁣

But ⁣⁣

Are not in the same place now.⁣⁣

When they finished taking part in the sport or activity that they loved⁣⁣

They were a bit lost⁣⁣

They didn’t realise it at first⁣⁣

In fact, they initially loved the bit of extra freedom⁣⁣.

And kept themselves active through running & going to the gym⁣⁣

But the lack of having to commit⁣⁣

The lack of accountability to their team or group⁣⁣

And the lack of direction from a coach⁣⁣

Soon meant things started to unravel.⁣

One of our members, Keith, was like this.⁣⁣

He noticed a few things:⁣⁣

👉He always had to eat a lot of food to fuel his performance⁣⁣

👉 At the same time being pretty careful about what he was eating, ⁣⁣

👉 He didn’t drink much alcohol because of the games at the weekend⁣⁣

👉And was pretty good for getting the necessary sleep. ⁣⁣

When Keith retired from sport, it wasn’t necessarily a case of completely letting go of the shackles ⁣⁣

But now he was available to go for a pint at weekend⁣s⁣

He got takeaway more often⁣⁣

He wasn’t as strict about his sleep⁣⁣

And he didn’t reduce his food intake in line with a now declining level of physical activity.⁣⁣

He just ate what he normally ate…⁣⁣

and a bit more ⁣⁣

He felt his change in shape that just seemed to creep up on him over the next year or so was down to the aging process⁣⁣

At ABC Keith felt he found his ‘thing’ but there were some added bonuses⁣⁣

✅ He could commit to training a few times each week at times that suited him⁣⁣

✅ He had a coach telling him what to do at every session and he is the type of person who appreciates being pushed to get the most out of himself⁣⁣

✅ He enjoyed a bit of craic in the gym with other members, so it felt like being part of a team again.⁣⁣

✅ While given his competitive nature he actually liked getting the feedback from the Body Composition scanner as it showed him where he was at in terms of muscle, fat, water etc.⁣⁣

✅ Most of all Keith learned that while he may have retired from his sport, there is no retirement age from health & fitness