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Calorie Deficit

Is there a link between your bank account and fat loss? ⁣ If, on average over time, you consume less calories than you expend you will lose weight or fat. ⁣ 👉This is called a Calorie Deficit ⁣ 👉It’s like an overdraft on a bank account. ⁣ When more money is being spent than incoming,⁣ […]

Comfort Zone: Training On Your Own

If you train on your own…⁣ Almost everyone tends to stay in their comfort zone,⁣ And they don’t even realise they’re doing it.⁣ But we all avoid exercises that we find boring, hard or intimidating. Me personally? I find it hard to make myself do a comprehensive warm-up.⁣ I know that opens me up to […]

Sustainability & Adherence

Your Training & Nutrition must be something you can both…⁣ 👉 Sustain in the Long Term ⁣ and ⁣ 👉 Adhere to because you enjoy it as you can fit it into your daily and weekly behaviour and overall lifestyle. Health & Fitness is not a quick fix,⁣ ✔It is a daily part of who […]

Toned or Bulky?

Do weights make you ‘toned’ or ‘bulky’? Toning is another word for muscle building or  Maintain existing muscle & reveal it by reducing your body fat. Either way, 👉 ‘tone’ requires muscle. 👉 Lifting weights & becoming stronger is an essential requirement to do this.  👉 A calorie deficit is the No.1 driver of the […]