The Best Weight Loss Show Returns To Our Screens…

The best weight loss show on TV will be on again before we know it…

No not Operation Transformation

That is quite possibly one of the most damaging shows anyone could watch, take part in or listen to. 

The best weight loss show is actually 

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here


While obviously not directly intended to be a weight-loss show

Every single one of the contestants loses weight

Without an embarrassing weekly weigh-in

➡️ Because they have so little to eat

➡️ And have no access to high-calorie foods and drinks 

➡️ Some participants’ physical activity potentially increases as well compared to an otherwise sedentary lifestyle. 

Do not misinterpret the message here

🚫 We are not saying stop eating or starve yourself…I’m a Celeb is a bit weird in that way.

🚫 We are not saying weight loss is fun or easy….but it can be.

🚫 Both shows are examples of how stressful and anxious it can be….yet it doesn’t have to be.

(In fact, if you read our content consistently you will note we always say weight loss comes down to many variables other than actual food)

However, we are pointing out how a calorie deficit actually being applied…

Works for absolutely everyone. 

Each of the participants loses weight on the show no matter their



▪️genetics or


because of a calorie deficit…

And they have for every series since the show was created

No other magical reason

So if your goal is to lose weight 

And to date, you have not been able to

It is not your genetics or a slow metabolism

But it does come down to one simple principle 

👉 If the calories you take in through food and drinks is greater than the calories you burn through daily physical activity and exercise

You will not lose weight. 

A principle they do not teach on the actual weight loss shows like Operation Transformation. 

That would be too easy and not entertaining enough to teach people the truth. 

And it’s far easier than eating insect milkshakes too! 🤮