The Best Weight Loss Show Returns To Our Screens…

The best weight loss show on TV… and it’s not what you think!

6 Week Test Drive! Extending our Trial plus bring a Buddy!

From now until Christmas we are not only extending this to 6 Weeks but you have the optional bonus of bringing a training buddy too

We All Know Someone Like This: Giving Up Too Soon

Who do you know that gave up too soon?⁣⁣ We all know someone who was the ‘sporty’ or ‘fit’ one growing up⁣⁣ But ⁣⁣ Are not in the same place now.⁣⁣ When they finished taking part in the sport or activity that they loved⁣⁣ They were a bit lost⁣⁣ They didn’t realise it at first⁣⁣ […]

Success Leaves Clues: Importance of Exercise in our Behaviour & Lifestyle Pyramid

Success leaves clues. Those that are successful… In career, relationships, business, family often tend to have the fact they exercise regularly as a commonality between them. The same goes for those who lose weight and keep it off long term. As well as those who are in shape and maintain it for life. They all […]

Calorie Deficit

Is there a link between your bank account and fat loss? ⁣ If, on average over time, you consume less calories than you expend you will lose weight or fat. ⁣ 👉This is called a Calorie Deficit ⁣ 👉It’s like an overdraft on a bank account. ⁣ When more money is being spent than incoming,⁣ […]

Calories: The Cause Of, And The Solution To, All of Life’s Problems

“Calories… The cause of… And the solution to… All of life’s problems.” Ok, so we tweaked an old Homer Simpson quote for a bit of jest. But A lot of people are so confused that even the word calorie causes them anxiety. Calories give us ✅ Energy, ✅ Health ✅ Strength. 👉 They fuel our […]

Comfort Zone: Training On Your Own

If you train on your own…⁣ Almost everyone tends to stay in their comfort zone,⁣ And they don’t even realise they’re doing it.⁣ But we all avoid exercises that we find boring, hard or intimidating. Me personally? I find it hard to make myself do a comprehensive warm-up.⁣ I know that opens me up to […]

Sustainability & Adherence

Your Training & Nutrition must be something you can both…⁣ 👉 Sustain in the Long Term ⁣ and ⁣ 👉 Adhere to because you enjoy it as you can fit it into your daily and weekly behaviour and overall lifestyle. Health & Fitness is not a quick fix,⁣ ✔It is a daily part of who […]

Your Environment Dictates Your Performance

Declan and Joe have busy jobs as well as wives, families & a few other commitments. They are at the point in life where: 1️⃣ They need to be fit & strong because so much else relies on them keeping healthy & being their best 2️⃣ They have no interest in tipping around in the […]

Toned or Bulky?

Do weights make you ‘toned’ or ‘bulky’? Toning is another word for muscle building or  Maintain existing muscle & reveal it by reducing your body fat. Either way, 👉 ‘tone’ requires muscle. 👉 Lifting weights & becoming stronger is an essential requirement to do this.  👉 A calorie deficit is the No.1 driver of the […]