Your Environment Dictates Your Performance

Declan and Joe have busy jobs as well as wives, families & a few other commitments.

They are at the point in life where:

1️⃣ They need to be fit & strong because so much else relies on them keeping healthy & being their best

2️⃣ They have no interest in tipping around in the leisure centre that is packed out the gate or attending a class with some jack in the box, jumping around shouting nonsense like ‘go hard or go home’ 

3️⃣ They know deep down they won’t do what’s necessary in terms of properly structured strength training on their own but they do not want to take any chances and put their fate in the wrong hands & get hurt. 

4️⃣ They need something to commit to & that they will see a return on their investment of time, money & energy. They would feel guilty leaving their family after a busy day at work unless they see obvious benefits.

5️⃣ At the same time they know they need their own space… a bit of time for themselves 

6️⃣ They want to feel comfortable & feel like they belong while feeling safe as they lift weights & do exercises that they enjoy but wouldn’t have the confidence to do so elsewhere. 

The lads get all of this at ABC. 

👉They book in, prioritise it as part of their schedule & commit to their 2 or 3 weekly training sessions. 

👉They are led through a top-class Strength & Conditioning Programme that has a nice blend of exercises they need for health…

…and exercises they have always wanted to do but never had the confidence to do. 

Not only do they feel better in themselves but their wives and kids have noticed they are in

Better Form,

Have more Energy,

Less Tense and

Nicer to be around again.  

The lads also appreciate the coaching environment where they are encouraged to give it their best as opposed to being shouted at from the top of the room by a sweaty energizer bunny. 

➡️ Your Environment dictates your performance, 

Your performance in ABC Gym has such a carry over to your performance in live’s tasks

And when you are looking to improve your all-round performance

➡️ You change your lifestyle…

For many, joining ABC is the catalyst for that change.