Calories: The Cause Of, And The Solution To, All of Life’s Problems


The cause of…

And the solution to…

All of life’s problems.”

Ok, so we tweaked an old Homer Simpson quote for a bit of jest.


A lot of people are so confused that even the word calorie causes them anxiety.

Calories give us

✅ Energy,

✅ Health

✅ Strength.

👉 They fuel our performance in exercise & in life.

They need to be understood when it comes to physical or performance goals such as

👉 Fat Loss, Muscle Gain or fueling sporting performance.

But when it comes to Fat Loss they can negatively take over your life and that is why they need to be understood without being put up on a pedestal.

🤔 Think about it.

✔When it comes to buying a new car we look for cars that minimise fuel consumption.

❌Nobody talks positively about how much fuel their car burns getting from A to B.

✔Instead we talk about style, function, comfort, reliability etc

Yet when it comes to exercise & nutrition…

❌We want to know what exercise burns the most calories?

❌What food has magical fat-burning qualities?

The fitness industry doesn’t really help itself either,

There are classes specifically named ‘Fat Burning’ Classes 

With the only intention being to burn as many calories as possible through exhaustive, high-intensity exercise.

With no regard for exercise technique, movement quality…

or self-improvement in terms of strength, mobility or performance.

➡️ Do not misinterpret the message here…

Understanding Calories in versus Calories out is fundamental knowledge in the quest for a lot of fitness and health goals.


Health goals require a healthy mind too…

And when the pursuit of burning calories is constantly at the top of your mind…

It reduces the chances of fun, happiness and gratitude in your training.


Because you miss out on the achievements of your first chin up, your heaviest deadlift, your fastest 5km…

If the only goal was exercising for the sake of the most calories burned, that’s a pretty unsatisfying way to train.

Wouldn’t you agree?