How Badly Do YOU Want to be Successful?

How badly do you want to be successful?

Successful in terms of your job, your relationships, your mindset and your body??

So many people set out well intention-ed but are actually afraid of what success looks like!!!

They see someone else….and they admire them….or are jealous of them or maybe even say to themselves “that luckly b******d”

When in reality you create a lot of your own luck by putting yourself in the situation to be successful.

A number of you are training with us right now….and training hard…

But you would be lying to yourself if you said you never compared yourself to anyone else at the sessions…

and thought about them that way

Oh well they are younger, they are stronger, they are single, they don’t have kids

You are creating excuses for yourself

You are giving yourself a reason to have very short sighted realistic goals


Fear of failure!!!!

I get it……I have fears all of the time!!!

Sometimes they even paralyse you without even realising it.

You may set out with the intention of getting into greater shape than you ever have been…

Or perhaps you didn’t!!

When I talk to most of you…. I get responses like ‘I just want to try something different for a while’ or ‘ah well i just like training….don’t really have any goals, would like to improve my mobility or strength and just feel a little bit fitter’

You are either lying or afraid to make a bold statement of intent by saying what success is ultimately for you!!

Recently one girl told me she had a big job in a powerful organisation and “wanted to be able to walk into a room dominated by men and have the confidence to command the attention of the whole room the second she walked into it!!!”


Now that is a statement of intent – and therefore she will have success.

For others it is simpler but yet has a similar effect on themselves.

“I want to train really hard, get in great shape so that aesthetically I look much better and feel better about myself” coming from a guy who is preparing to marry his stunning fiance

Again effective and will lead to a successful outcome…

So I want all of you to think about that.

What does success mean to you?

and what are you going to do about it?

Like seriously,, without all the excuses or comparisons or the ‘they have it better than me’ ideas that circulate your minds.

So when you train with us, train with intent, train with a goal in mind and don’t give up the second you don’t see whatever it is that you are setting out to achieve because just because you set out with great intent does not mean it is going to be easy.

If it is easy it is not a really successful goal

If it was easy as soon as you achieve it you will not have any feeling of accomplishment

Set your targets high and go and achieve them