Master the Front Squat

Master The Exercise – Series

If you like to train hard either inside or outside of the gym you may have a tendency to try and progress the exercise too soon before you have mastered the technique.

We totally get that, it is very easy be impatient in the gym, particularly when working out on your own or in a commercial gym where there may be eyes on you.

The ego can kick in and start lifting at a more advanced weight before you have mastered the basics.

One thing people forget is that mastering the basics in terms of technique, then intensity and weight can achieve serious results.

This is something we feel strongly about at ABC Gym.

Anyone who knows me know I was a keen sportsperson my whole life but suffered a lot with injury…..I made all of the mistakes….lifting too heavy too soon, improper technique, lack of coaching while concentrating on the muscles that can be seen in the mirror rather than a well-balanced programme which will in time look good in the mirror but improve performance, reduce injuries and improve posture while making an all-round stronger physique and athlete.

In this video you will see Andy work through 4 progressions of the front squat. Too many people jump straight into front squat or even worse back squat without spending time on mobility, activation exercises and gradually progressing or mastering the exercise.

1) Sandbag Front Squat – Andy holds the sandbag across his shoulders with his elbows pointing away preparing for the eventual rack position of the barbell front squat. His heels remain driven into the ground while he maintains a straight back position as he squats down to parallel or slightly below if spine remains in a neutral position.

2) Goblet Squat with Kettlebell – the goblet squat is a serious exercise but seriously underrated and underperformed yet acts not only as a great strength exercise but is a brilliant corrective exercise for someone with a poor squat pattern. It can be made more difficult by adding weight but make sure heels remain on the ground and aim to at least get the elbows to the knees while maintaining a neutral spine.

3) Two Kettlebell Front Squat – Great preparatory exercise for the barbell front squat. It should be performed with kettlebells rather than dumbbells to allow for proper racking position across the shoulders, dumbbells will not allow for this grip type.

4) Barbell Front Squat – Great Strength exercise for one major reason – it keeps egos in check – why? Try loading the barbell up heavy and performing this exercise – if it is too heavy you will simply fall forward and be forced to drop the weight. Unfortunately you can perform a back squat with too much weight but with too much forward lean potentially causing serious injury….it can be hard to know this without a coach keeping an eye on technique.

Remember to MASTER YOUR EXERCISES – Technique first followed by intensity.