My Current Challenges with Training and Nutrition

One thing I am very conscious of is honesty. I am almost honest to a point of detriment at times but I do believe it leaves people knowing where they stand with me.

One of my current challenges and this has been one that I have had since going into business is following my own advice.

Those of you who have followed the blog posts for a while will know that from the time I have went into business I have had challenges with following my own advice and practicing what I preach.

As a business owner in this industry there is a lot of early mornings, late nights and weekend work. People assume because you spend so much time in a gym or on the training field that you are always training or that you of all people should have no excuses because you have access to these things whenever you want.

I do however give myself excuses all of the time lately. I tore my ACL in my knee in May and that was a big blow as my exercise is rehab rather than fitness or aesthetic related training. While I perform rehab exercise at least 3, 4, 5 days a week it does not feel the same as training as part of a team or group. It does not feel like you are getting fitter or stronger or ‘in shape’.

Some will misinterpret this and think that I am out of shape or let myself go. Far from it, I always make sure that I stay within reach of 10% bodyfat. The condition of my knee is improving and it feels stronger, more stable and mobile every week but I do miss training for fun. I miss training to look good. Rehab is a lonely journey and when you are only accountable to yourself it is easy to let yourself off the hook.

In the morning you say ‘i’ll train later’ but later the phone rings and you say ‘i’ll train tomorrow’. I am sure this is common to more people than myself.

So how is my nutrition at the moment?

It could be better, it could be worse. I am not going to lie to you on this. I love a pint of Guinness every now and again. I have a weakness for Haribo jellies and I will treat myself to a Chinese or a feast of sweets, chocolate, crisps or whatever i can get my hands on sometimes.

Having said that. I am consistent. I pretty much always have a breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday that would be made up of real whole foods while snacks would be fruit, nuts, yogurt, smoothies and the likes… I reckon I eat pretty well 80% to 90% of the time.

The important thing is to realise that you should never feel guilty or worry. You need to realise that health and fitness is not a short term thing but a whole life thing. So often I will put things off until next week or next month or wait ’til Monday but generally not with food. I will have my treats at the weekend however once it fits with my overall weekly nutrition.

Sleep could be a lot better. Lately I am only averaging about 6 hours per night and I think this is my biggest downfall as it effects your energy and motivation levels to train. Although I am doing my rehab almost daily, I would question the intensity of it. I take too much rest when I am training on my own and only accountable to myself.

So how does this help you? Well I think i understand what a lot of people go through with their training and nutrition and the challenges people face on a weekly basis. I can show empathy because I too make the excuses…..but they are truly that – excuses – a reason created in our own heads to justify our reasons for not doing something.

So how do you improve? How do you change? How do you reach your health and fitness goals? Personally I need to stop using the knee as an excuse, the business as an excuse and take action. I need to come up with a strategy for getting home earlier so that I can go to bed earlier. Regarding the nutrition it all comes down to environment.

We do not keep biscuits or snacks in the house. When they are, they are eaten, if they are not there, they cannot be eaten. There is no magic to that, just consistency.

Personally when I reflect it always comes back to sleep for me. More sleep, more motivation, more energy, more discipline, more results, more in shape, more confidence and repeat!!!

There are 4 categories for me- Training, Nutrition, Recovery (sleep) and Mindset.

What is your challenge?


Noel Flynn