Be the BEST you can be at your current AGE and current Circumstances!!

The end of the summer is coming.

Like every summer for the last few years all you were concerned about was looking good for your holidays.

You let how you look dictate how you feel but maybe it is twofold. Perhaps how you feel is reflected in how you look?

As always you focussed on the goal instead of the process but the goal looked big and scary.

The goal looked like too much hard work.

Believe me I get it, I am 33 now, I do not have the great metabolism I had in my 20’s. The snacks and treats start to add up now, hangovers are no longer a pain in the head the morning after, they are now days of sluggishness, the bags under the eyes do not go away as quickly and there is a realisation now that exercise and training need to be focussed on living a long healthy life rather than looking the part in a tight top.

Who do you want to become for your spouse, your family, your friends?

Do you want to give off vibrancy and energy or lethargy and desperation?

Why I am writing this? I got married earlier this year. I literally got in as good of shape as I have ever being in. Ok it was a landmark event but the thinking from a training and nutrition point of view was based on a one-off…..and as a lot of you will know what happens when you achieve a short term goal?

There seems to be nowhere to go next. I put on over a stone on the honeymoon and 4 months later I am still hanging on to half that stone.

I was working with Setanta College in Thurles this weekend and I am literally wrecked.

Reading back on the words I have written so far it sounds like I am in a bad place?

Absolutely NOT. Just a realisation that you need to get yourself in the best place you can be at your current age, in your current circumstances and not always be chasing the body you had in your youth. The reason I am so tired is not from being in a bad place, it is from training hard and working hard all week and my mind and body is displaying what is natural.

We are invincible in our youth, we are capable of greatness our whole lives. We can still be energiser bunnies but now that requires great discipline, a lot of consistency and a sound mind.

Every now and again I think it is important to reflect on yourself and your thoughts and beliefs and call your own BS from time to time. The BS I have had in my life is always my attraction to food and my refusal to track it. My belief that I could train hard, train regularly, eat well and throw treats in on top of it in the mindset that this was a balanced life is starting to come up short now. The Bodycoach is wrong. Calories do matter. It does not matter if the food is good for you, if you eat enough of it the calories still add up. If the calories add up to more than you burn you will put on a pouch in time.

In the past I have dismissed tracking calories, well at least in the long term. Yet I have always advocated Awareness in your life. Awareness of how you think, what goes on in your mind, what you portray to others and an awareness of what is important in your life. Yet I was making the mistake of not being aware of my food intake? I will forgive it as youthful invincibility mistake but to live in greatness long term it is something I will need more awareness of.

True beauty is portrayed in energy, positivity, vibrancy and a smile on your face. Focus on the process, the process is living well, training consistently even if that is not as often as you want, think long term and eat well but being aware that you can have fun with your food if you keep an eye on how much is going in versus what is going out.

The summer is coming to a close, it won’t be long ‘til the little black dress ads are out and will you fall into the same trap of bouncing in and out of that? There is no rush, life is there to be lived, live a long one, live a happy one.