“Do You Do Classes?”

“Do you do classes?”

“Is it like circuit training?”

The answer to both of these questions is YES


Certainly not in the traditional sense or the normal gym class or Bootcamp experience.

Our training sessions or classes are led by a coach but there are a couple of main differences:

👉 Our Small Group Personal Training sessions are limited to up to 6 people per coach meaning there is a lot of coaching & a lot of individual attention.

👉 The small numbers allow for greater coach to client and member to member interaction meaning there is a relationship built between both coaches and members

👉 While it significantly reduces your risk of injury

👉 Ensuring your time is spent getting the most out of your session

👉 Lifting heavy with great technique

👉 Pushing yourself beyond what you thought you were capable of.

These sessions are part of an overarching programme that is then individually tailored to each member.

The programme is adjusted depending on whether you are a beginner, advanced, fit or even carrying a bit of injury or ‘niggle’.

Our sessions are based on the principles of Strength & Conditioning…

The actual science and practice of preparing elite athletes

Not to be confused with the Strength & Conditioning “Classes” at your local leisure centre

At ABC you do not have to be an Athlete to train like one and to see the benefits of 

Looking Better through improved Body Composition as you build muscle and burn fat

Feel Better through improved mood & energy that our training style brings

Move Better through increased strength, stability and mobility so that you no longer feel or move like a concrete block

And Perform Better though gradual but progressive increase and improvement your strength and fitness which then allows you to

Live Better outside of the gym through adapting a lifestyle of better habits which you almost do automatically due to not wanting to waste all of the hard work, sweat, time and money you are now investing in yourself in a Coaching Led gym like ABC. 

While we do push you to be great in the gym – we are more concerned about you being great outside of the gym.