How Did RONALDO Get That Body?

So many athletes have such great bodies and they really can be something to aspire to.
In terms of the human body there are so many shapes and sizes and all are equally great.
Some people want to be super skinny, others want to be big bodybuilders, for us there is a sweet spot – the athletic body.

On a recent radio interview I was asked my thoughts on Cristiano Ronaldo.
I was asked in a leading sort of a way, a way that I felt suggested that I was meant to say something negative about Ronaldo. But, I just couldn’t, for me he is the unique male specimen when it comes to that idealism of what fit, strong, healthy and powerful looks like!!

Having seen his transition from skinny teenager to what he is today over a 10 to 15 year period shows that he achieved it over the long term NOT a quick fix.

I was lucky enough through my role as a lecturer with Setanta College get the opportunity to spend time with Mick Clegg and Mike Clegg Jnr. Mike is a former Manchester United player, who played with Ronaldo but after his playing days became a Strength & Conditioning Coach at Sunderland after being brought in by Roy Keane. Keane when playing asked Alex Ferguson to bring Mikes father Mick in as the Strength & Conditioning coach at United to help Keane rehab from his knee injury. This was also the same time period when a teenage Ronaldo arrived at United.

Both men spoke about Ronaldo’s long term plans for himself. He was unlike any other player or youngster they had seen, in that he had a plan to be the best in the world but had educated himself enough to know that this required a long term strategy and that it was not going to happen overnight.

Ronaldo knew he would have to be as athletic as possible as well as being as skilful as he was when signed. He knew that to have an injury free, long career, he would need to learn about physical preparation or strength and conditioning. He wanted to focus on being a master in terms of technique before adding weight and intensity.

While Wayne Rooney has had a tremendous career, he has not survived the length of Ronaldo’s reign at the top of his game. The Clegg’s say that Wayne had no interest in the physical preparation side of the game and only football mattered to him. Perhaps this helps explain his rapid decline while Ronaldo is still at the top.

Ok so enough about Ronaldo, what is the message here?

The message is longevity rather than short term quick fixes.

The message is Do The Work in terms of training like an Athlete if you want to see the body of an athlete.
Is this possible for most?

NO, NO and NO

1) Genetics – some people are more naturally blessed than others – this does not give you an excuse to do nothing but just means Ronaldo or Jessica Ennis or whoever you aspire to look like may not be achievable for everyone.

2) Desire – Professional Athletes who have achieved such a level of success have a different mindset and a drive that we may not be able to tap in to.

3) Support Networks – Ronaldo had skills coaches, a manager who believed in him, a support staff that included Mick Clegg among others.

4) Culture – team mates like Roy Keane, Giggs and Scholes all had the same goals and they needed a winning culture and winning manager to help achieve those goals.

5) Consistency – It takes years of hard graft, discipline and potentially mind numbing routine to achieve success in any field – this is most of our downfalls.

Consistency in a world gone mad!!

Nobody wants to hear it because it is too simple


Too much work

Consistency of sticking to a plan is what achieves success.

This is a simple statement but very difficult to achieve.

Do you have a support network?

Do you have accountability?

What is you training culture like?

Have you got people around you trying to achieve goals?

At ABC Gym we have spent the time learning, we have spent time working on our craft but like Ronaldo and Keane and their team mates we realise we are not the finished product, we never will be because we are always learning, always trying to improve.

We are professionals and we are constantly trying to increase our level of professionalism and we realise that this does not happen overnight BUT what we can be proud to say is that we have developed a culture and we can say we have improved so much from when we opened first.

I realise we are talking about us here BUT we want that attitude to rub off on you as we see it rub off on the amazing people who train in our gym on a weekly basis.
At the end of the day – If You Want It To Work, You Have Got To Do The Work (There are no shortcuts and deep down you know that)
ABC Gym Owner – Noel Flynn