Is Personal Training for Me?

Should I try personal training? How can it benefit me?

Personal training is very much dictated by your own experience and one bad experience with a poor trainer can change your view on it forever. When you strike gold and have a great experience with a great trainer, you’ll think why you didn’t go sooner.  Personal training can be for everyone and anyone from athletes to people who don’t know the difference between a golf ball and a football.

The key is in the name.

This is personal training. That means it’s personal, for you! That means your program is based around you, your needs and your goals. You should feel like it is making you better with each session and it’s bringing you closer to your goal. Personal training is having your own program based around you. Personal training is NOT a trainer with a generic plan that doesn’t get changed even if you cannot do a movement.

Personal training or boot camps?

These days you can go to any park or community center and you’ll find a boot camp being run by a fitness enthusiast, you pay him/her anywhere between 3-8 euro and join in. Why should you fork out for personal training? Personal training doesn’t actually have to be that expensive. Find a gym that runs a semi-personal model. This basically means the coach can work with a number of clients at once, cutting the cost for each client. You still get your personal feel and program tailored to you while also getting to train with a number of others who can help drive you on when you’re having an off day.

Unlock your goals.

I spent years training by myself in a commercial gym. While I had the knowledge and knowhow and had a good program in place I still struggled. I found that when I went back to college and was training with my class mates and then when I became an ABC coach and started training with the gang there I seriously improved. Training on your own is tough, personally I’ve played team sports since I remember so I love that group/team aspect! It’s something you here from ABC members all the time, having others there in the same session is such a boost! Even if it is a bit of friendly competition. Some of the goals I’ve witnessed have been lifting certain numbers, completing 1 full chin up or losing a certain amount of body fat. All of these things were once “impossible” to that person. But through regular training tailored to achieving that goal they achieved it.

Would I fit in?

Short answer, yes. I can only speak for my own situation in ABC gym but I also have friends who are trainers all around Ireland and across the globe and they will say the same. At ABC we have young mean looking to put on muscle, a number of elder clients just looking to improve quality of life, brides-to-be looking to get into shape for their wedding just to mention a few. By the way, they train side by side! So yes, there is always a place for you no matter what your situation, you will 100% fit in if you just jump head first. Any gym worth their weight will be able to cater for you. Members understand this and appreciate all the different people training alongside each other.

When people ask me “why should I join up? What difference is it?” I tell them to try it for a month, see the benefits for themselves rather than have me tell you. Come in and try it for yourself and you’ll understand, make yourself part of the community and you’ll understand that craving some people talk about. I absolutely love my job, I love going to work to chat with the members, knowing the next hour is about to bring them closer to their own personal goal! Personal training is one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had as a coach and it can be the most rewarding and enjoyable fitness experience you’ve had as a member. If you’re still not sure, drop us a message and we’ll chat more!

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Rory Fleming,

ABC Gym trainer