Live Better First Approach

The scientific principle that achieves Fat Loss is called a Calorie Deficit.

However, it is not as simple as saying ‘Eat Less & Move More’

Yes, technically this is true…

And the crash diets, short term transformations and incorrectly named ‘fat loss’ workouts can make this work in the short term.

However, this is short-sighted

As experience tells us…

A person’s ability to achieve a calorie deficit and health long term is influenced by their Behaviour & Lifestyle.

Which in turn can be affected by several variables;

▪️Your Peers,


▪️Cultural Beliefs,

▪️Long Term Eating Habits

▪️Food Disorders

▪️Food Addictions As Well As

▪️Socio Economic Factors and


In our members ABC Live Better Manual we outline this with the above diagram.

The most significant, bang for your buck factors are the foundation of the pyramid.

The order of importance declines as we move up the pyramid.

For example, there is no point in taking supplements if the stepping stones underneath are not nailed down consistently.

Everything you do is underpinned by your Behaviour and Lifestyle

And your ability to commit to, enjoy and adhere to that Lifestyle.

If the actions it takes to achieve health or fat loss are not sustainable long term…

Then they generally are not something we are interested in the short term.

However, educating yourself as to the correct principles in the short term will give you the knowledge you need for long-lasting sustainable results.

Over 100 of our members are in the process of completing our Live Better Nutrition Programme.

They are not only learning but doing so in an environment of like-minded people with the same values of achieving long term health, not short term quick fixes.

We will explain each of the steps of the pyramid over the days and weeks to come but wanted to start by letting you know that there is more to fat loss than smashing yourself with HIIT workouts and starving yourself and avoiding some of your favourite foods.

We prefer a LIVE BETTER FIRST approach.