Why do we care so much about providing exceptional service?

Why do we care so much about providing exceptional service?

Because everyone has their own wants & needs…

We want a system that could meet those needs…

And we give a damn

1️⃣ Take John

He wants to Feel Better, Live More & Live Longer.

He wants to enjoy a few pints after golf without it becoming a death sentence

He aims to enjoy life but doesn’t want to get to a stage he is out of breath & embarrassed in front of his kids

He doesn’t want to LIVE in the gym either. 

2️⃣ But then Chloe, she has just had her first baby.

She loves her fashion & looks the part already.

But she wanted to get back to feeling the part as well: strong, fit & seeing the physical rewards for her hard work.

All while having the energy for being a Mam for the first time.

3️⃣ Emily has tried it all, has been to every class, in every gym

but has never fully seen the fruits of her labour.

Maybe she never fully felt safe & truly at home in any previous gym.

She is determined, committed, quite happy to work hard & she’s a joy to coach…

4️⃣ Rob on the other hand wants cutting edge techniques.

He’s a keen athlete & wants to improve his running times, be more robust with fewer aches & pains.

He loves tech, science & above all loves how it shows him how he is improving over time.

5️⃣ Katie loves training, it is part of who she is, it is part of her identity. 

She has done the research, she knows strength & conditioning is the way forward for her. 

The athletic look & the feeling of strength & empowerment are important to her,

She wants to train with someone she fully trusts as experts in the field. 

She too wants to train hard and is not prepared to take risks with poor coaching, programming or an environment where she just doesn’t feel comfortable. 

This is why ABC created a training system and environment based on 

▪️LOOK BETTER with improved Body Composition, 

▪️FEEL BETTER by becoming healthier, stronger & moving better, 

▪️PERFORM BETTER in your daily life, gym & sporting endeavours


▪️LIVE BETTER as ABC is your hobby, your lifestyle & identity.