What Do You Expect From A Gym?

What do you expect from your gym?

At ABC we focus on such simple things like:


Simply knowing every single member who walks through our door

Make sure they feel safe, comfortable in their surroundings and maybe even have a bit of fun and enjoy themselves from time to time

Maybe even have a night out together?

Hint: Our Winter Socials are about to return 😉


We have top class training delivered by a top-class training team

Our aim is to help people achieve their goals whether that be look better, feel better, perform better and ultimately…

…Live Better


Our members are busy therefore we have a flexible schedule. You do not need to commit to certain days and certain times like most gyms. 

Our booking system and extensive training timetables means there is something for everyone

The Live Better Approach

No Fads, No Quick fixes, no unsustainable approaches

Instead we focus on science and evidence-based training and nutrition 

👉At ABC you do not have to be an Athlete to train and have the mindset of one. 

👉We value commitment, consistency and hard work 

👉But believe in life balance, giving it your best on the day no matter what that might be, good or bad

👉And a realisation that longevity, enjoyment and the process of turning up each week is more realistic than most of the hype you see about gyms and the fitness industry. 

We have 30 Day Trials available for Clane and Trim via the link HERE

Off-peak only available in Lucan