The 4 Reasons people avoid Gym Training

The 4 Reasons people avoid Gym Training:

➡️ Time 

At ABC we have times available from 6am to 8pm. 

We want to help make this a reality for you.

We know you’re flat out busy all day – that’s why we offer extended opening hours for PT with our team.

➡️ Money 

Our Small Group Personal Training model makes Personal Training really affordable when compared to the traditional 1 on 1 alternative. 

For example, a good PT will charge €50 per session.

3 sessions a week is €150 × 48 weeks of the year = €7200

Whereas many ABC members train 4 or 5 times per week for a mere fraction of this.

➡️ Results

We coach our clients to be:





▪️more mobile and

▪️more athletic.

For some people having somewhere, they enjoy training is a result in itself.

We pride ourselves on our coaching, our programmes and the results they achieve. 

➡️ Fear

“I’ll join when I am a bit fitter” – is something people tell themselves all of the time. 


They fear the judgement of others and they fear the reality that it is going to take hard work.

At ABC nobody will be judging you,

We operate in small private facilities where everyone is too busy looking after themselves so are way too preoccupied with their own training to judge others. 

You will start at your own pace and progress from there. 

The hardest part is getting through the doors that first time.

Once you’ve done that, it’s all easier from there.