Not Everyone Will Understand

Not everyone will understand…

You are among the minority…

Only 11-16% of the Irish Adult Population exercise regularly and consistently 

Only 10% of the Irish Population has a gym membership…

This is half the EU norm. 

The fulfilment of those gym memberships is much lower as most gyms do not actually want you to attend.

So can you imagine how few are actually properly investing in training like you are?

Very few….

So do not be surprised if you receive a roll of the eyes or unsupportive comments when you talk about being a member of a higher-end modern training gym like ABC

If you look at your office, staff room or social circle how many of them are doing what you are doing? 

If there are a few….it’s probably because you have influenced each other 

The UK, US and Australia are way ahead of Ireland when it comes to gyms like ABC.

But it is not the normal culture here yet…

This can make training and living a healthy lifestyle difficult in Ireland

Not everyone is like you…

Very few of us would even have been raised in a household where going to the gym was a thing! 

Not everyone wants to be fit, strong, healthy and better themselves physically and mentally…

(I’m sure there are many who do but the culture, the fear of judgement and the lack of awareness and knowledge of what to actually do….holds them back.)

Therefore not everyone will understand the level you invest in your health and fitness

But at ABC you are surrounded by people who do. 

And when you’re around people who are all normalising working harder, lifting heavier and striving for new levels of athleticism, this does something very powerful…

It NORMALISES the behaviour. There’s no discussion with yourself about whether or not you “should”.

You simply want to. It’s normal behaviour in your friendship group. And together, you all live better quality lives.

That’s our main priority at ABC – where you can get amongst people that share that value and make it easier for you to get that result.