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Ask ABC TV #4

Ask ABC TV Episode #4 Hi guys this episode can be watched by everyone but some of the topics are based on helping Females with their health and fitness goals. Topic 1: Women and Weights – Common Mistakes and Myths Topic 2: The Weighing Scales – Is it the ultimate guide to measure success? Topic […]

Stereotypical Runner

One thing I am gradually learning is not to judge a book by its cover But when it comes to stereotypes Runners, joggers, distance athletes etc invariably fall into this category this is not just based on impressions this is based on years of experience and evidence Runners as a category tend to have the […]

How Badly Do YOU Want to be Successful?

How badly do you want to be successful? Successful in terms of your job, your relationships, your mindset and your body?? So many people set out well intention-ed but are actually afraid of what success looks like!!! They see someone else….and they admire them….or are jealous of them or maybe even say to themselves “that […]

Master the Front Squat

Master The Exercise – Series If you like to train hard either inside or outside of the gym you may have a tendency to try and progress the exercise too soon before you have mastered the technique. We totally get that, it is very easy be impatient in the gym, particularly when working out on […]